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Yu-Yin Cheng

Yu-Yin Cheng is an associate professor of History and International Studies. Her specialization is in Chinese intellectual-activism, Chinese women’s history, and Christianity in late imperial China (1368-1910 CE). She teaches courses on Chinese and East Asian culture and history, East-West encounters, world history, and contemporary China. She is the author of A Chronological Biography of Lo Ju-fang (1515-1588): Poet, Philosopher, Activist [in Chinese] (1995), and co-editor of Under Confucian Eyes: Texts on Gender in Chinese History (2001, with Susan Mann). Her articles also appeared in the Journal of World History, Chinese Studies, and Ming Studies.  In 2011-2012, she was one of the US delegates, representing Ten US Universities and Colleges to participate in the International Academic Partnership Program (IAPP), sponsored by the Institute of International Education, to develop partnership with Higher Education Institutes in China.  


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Associate Professor of History and International Studies

Chair, History Department

Interim Chair, International Studies Department


History, International Studies





B.A., National Taiwan Normal University
M.A., University of California, Davis
Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Recent Work

Articles on peer reviewed journals:

“Tang Xianzu’s (1550-1616) Peony Pavilion and Taizhou Philosophy: An Perspective from Intellectual History,” Ming Studies, 63.1 (May 2013), pp. 3-29.

“Changing Cosmology, Changing Perspectives on History and Politics: Christianity and Yang Tingyun’s (1562-1627) Reflections on China,” Journal of World History, Vol. 24, No. 3 (Sept. 2013), pp. 499-537.


Conference paper:

“Mingdai Taizhou xuepai de funü guan ─ yi siwei Taizhou xuezhe wei li 明代泰州學派的婦女觀─以四位泰州學者為例 (The Taizhou School’s Perception on Women in Late-Ming China─ The cases of four Taizhou scholars,” Proceedings of International Conference on Spiritual and Intellectual World from Late Ming to Early Qing (「明清之際的精神與思想世界」國際學術研討會), published by Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies, Peking University (Beijing: Peking University, 2013), pp. 316-333.  The paper was presented at “The International Conference on Spiritual and Intellectual World from Late Ming to Early Qing,” Songshan, Henan Province, China, August 23-August 26, 2013.