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Kent Worcester

Kent Worcester is a Professor of Political Science. He studied Economics and Political Science as an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University. 

Professor Worcester is the author or coeditor of seven books: Trade Union Politics and Economic Change, 1960s-1990s (1995); C.L.R. James: A Political Biography (1996); The Social Science Research Council, 1923-1998 (2001); Violence and Politics: Globalization’s Paradox (2002); Arguing Comics: Literary Masters on a Popular Medium (2004); A Comics Studies Reader (2009); and The Superhero Reader (2013).

A Comics Studies Reader received the 2010 Peter C. Rollins Award as the year’s best work in the area of American studies and/or cultural studies, while The Superhero Reader was recently nominated for a 2014 Eisner Award for Best Scholarly/Academic Work. His next book, Peter Bagge: Conversations, will be published by the University Press of Mississippi in 2015. 

Professor Worcester’s recent publications include “Jesse Cohen, Laura Slobe, and the Hidden History of Political Cartooning” (with Ethan Young; International Journal of Comic Art, 2013); “New York City, 9/11 and Comics” (Radical History Review, 2011); “The Punisher and the Politics of Retributive Justice” (Law Text Culture, 2012); and “Graphic Novels in the Social Science Classroom” in Robert Glover and Daniel Tagliarina, eds. Teaching Politics Beyond the Book: Film, Texts and New Media in the Classroom (Bloomsbury, 2012).

He also coedited a print symposium on “The Politics of the Superhero” that appeared in the quarterly journal PS: Political Science and Politics (January 2014). 

Professor Worcester joined the MMC faculty in 1997. He teaches courses on democratic theory, international relations, green political theory, modern political theory, and Plato’s Republic


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Professor of Political Science


Professor of Political Science 


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B.A, University of Massachusetts at Boston
M.A., Columbia University
M. Phil., Columbia University
Ph.D., Columbia University