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Jennifer N. Brown

Dr. Brown received her Ph.D. from the Graduate Center, City University of New York.  She teaches all things medieval and early modern in the department. Her courses include the medieval and early modern surveys, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Arthurian Literature and the History of the English Language. She takes her classes to the Met and the Cloisters frequently in order to reinforce how medieval art, architecture and literature are linked together.

Dr. Brown’s research interests include medieval literature written by, for and about women. She has published several books and articles on these topics, including Three Women of Liege (Brepols, 2008), Barking Abbey and Medieval Literary Culture (co-edited with Donna Bussell, York Medieval Press, 2012), and Cosmology, Sociality and Sexuality in Medieval Literary Texts (co-edited with Marla Segol, Palgrave Press, 2013). Her 2011 article in The Journal of the History of Sexuality won the bi-annual Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship prize for Best Article. 

Dr. Brown served as the president of the Medieval Club of New York from 2010-2013, which sponsors monthly academic lectures on medieval topics. She also recently finished her terms on the boards of the Hagiography Society and the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship.

Dr. Brown is currently finishing her book project entitled Fruit of the Orchard: Catherine of Siena in Medieval and Early Modern England. An article related to this project, “The Many Misattributions of Catherine of Siena: Beyond The Orchard in England,” has been published in the Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures (Issue 41, 2015). 


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    At Tintern Abbey.

In Brief

Jennifer N. Brown has teaching and research interests in Medieval Literature.


Associate Professor of English and World Literatures


English and World Literatures





B.A., Georgetown University
M.A., Georgetown University
Ph.D., The Graduate Center, City University of New York


“I take my students to the Cloisters almost every semester. This unbelievable museum in upper Manhattan is the product of Rockefeller interest in things medieval. Brick by brick, two monasteries and several cloisters and chapels were taken down throughout Europe and then reconstituted in Fort Tryon Park, New York, at John D. Rockefeller’s expense. In addition, he bought the land across the river in New Jersey, so that the view from the Cloisters would be devoid of urban expansion and feel medieval too. My students can read Chaucer in the morning and be sitting in a 14th century Chapter House by the afternoon looking at the very bricks his readers might have gazed upon. There is no other opportunity to experience the medieval in such a visceral way in the rest of the U.S.”

Professional Experience

2012-present: Associate Professor, Department of English and World Literature, Marymount Manhattan College (New York, NY)

2009-2012: Assistant Professor, Department of English and World Literature, Marymount Manhattan College (New York, NY)

2008-2009: Visiting Assistant Professor, English Department, Fordham University (Bronx, NY)

2003-2009: Assistant Professor, English Department, University of Hartford (West Hartford, CT) [promoted to Associate Professor and tenured in January 2009]

2001-2003: Adjunct Instructor, School of Professional and Continuing Education, New York University (New York, NY)

2000-2001: Teaching Fellow, English Department, Hunter College, CUNY (New York, NY)

1998-2000: Adjunct Lecturer, English Department, John Jay College, CUNY (New York, NY)