Marymount Manhattan

Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition and Fees

    Below is the schedule of tuition and fees for the 2015-16 academic year. Some courses carry additional fees, which are listed in the course description.

    2015 - 2016 Marymount Manhattan College Cost

    Direct Costs (cost paid directly to the College)



    Off Campus

    MMC Residents **






    $  1,340

    $  1,340

    $  1,340

    Room and Board




    Total Direct Cost





    Indirect Costs (cost that does not appear on your bill)



    Off Campus

    MMC Residents

    Room and Board






    $ 1,000




    $ 1,200




    $ 4,300




    $ 1,000


    Total Indirect Cost





    * Standard Fees include the Registration Fee, Library Fee, Technology Fee and Activity Fee

    **Resident students live at one of the MMC Housing locations (55th Street Residence or Cooper Square)


    2015-16 Tuition per semester

    Full-time (12 - 15 credits)


    Part-time per credit rate


    Per credit rate in excess of 15 credits




    Mandatory Fees per semester (Non-refundable)


    Library Usage Fee


    Library Usage Fee - (part-time students)


    Technology Usage Fee


    Technology Usage Fee - (part-time students)


    Registration Fee - (full-time students)


    Registration Fee - (part-time students)


    Registration Fee - (winter/summer)


    Student Activity Fee - (full-time students Fall & Spring only)


    Student Activity Fee - (part-time students Fall & Spring only)


    Housing Charges (per semester)


    Resident Student Meal Charge-Basic (per semester)


    Resident Student Meal Charge-Griffin Gold (per semester)


    Resident Student Meal Charge-Platinum (per semester)


    Additional Fee Schedule

  • Payment Options

    Student Accounts, in the Center for Student Services, works with our students and their families to make payment arrangements as simple and flexible as possible. Please contact us if you foresee delays in funding or other issues. We are here to help you find the solutions you need.

    Tuition Payments may be made in several ways:

    1. Pay by Mail
      We accept payment by check or money order payable to Marymount Manhattan College for the exact amount of the bill. Please include the student’s full name and College ID number on the check or money order. Payments must be received by the designated due date. Mail payments to:
                    Marymount Manhattan College
                    Center for Student Services
                    221 East 71 Street
                    NYC, NY 10021
    2. Pay In-Person
      If you prefer you may make a payment in-person in the Center for Student Services on the lower level of the Nugent Building. The Center is open to accept payments (cash, check or credit card) Monday - Thursday from 9 am – 6 pm and, on Friday from 9 am – 5 pm.
    3. On-line Payments and Monthly Payment Plan
      To help you meet your expenses at MMC, we are pleased to offer a monthly payment plan through Nelnet Business Solutions. Through NBS you will be able to:
      Arrange for monthly payments
      • Make a partial payment immediately and arrange for monthly payments or,
      • Pay in full immediately.
        You can make automatic payments from your checking or savings account, or you can charge payment to your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card.

      The deadlines to enroll in the payment plan are as follows. Please note that the required down payment and the number of monthly payments vary depending upon when you enroll in the plan.

      Enroll Online By Required Down
      Number of
      Months of Payments
      Summer 1 & 2 2015 Term (eCashier available on April 1, 2015)
      May 1 none 3 May-July 5th
      May 27 30% 2 June & July 5th
      June 25 50% 1 July 5th only

      Full payments may be made on eCashier throughout the semester.

      Fall 2015 Term (eCashier available on April 1, 2015)
      July 2 none 5 July-Nov 5th
      July 21* 20% 4 Aug-Nov 5th
      Aug 27 25% 3 Sept-Nov 5th
      Sept 8 50% 2 Oct & Nov 5th
      *After July 21, 2015, a late fee will be assessed by the College.
      Full payments may be made on eCashier throughout the semester.
      Spring 2016 Term (eCashier available on November 2, 2015)
      Nov 25 none 5 Dec-April 5th
      Dec 23 20% 4 Jan-April 5th
      Jan 4* 25% 3 Feb-April 5th
      Feb 9 50% 2 March & April 5th
      *After January 4, 2016, a late fee will be assessed by the College. 
      Full payments may be made on eCashier throughout the semester.
      NOTE: All down and full payments are processed immediately!

      If you’re enrolled in the payment plan and would like to;
      • view your account balance and payments
      • Update your banking of credit card information
      • Update your demographic information
      Please select:

    4. Financial Aid Recipients
      Only valid Financial Aid awards will appear on your bill. If there is a discrepancy or aid is missing, please contact the Center for Student Services. Balances not covered by financial aid must be paid by the designated due dates. In the event that aid is received after payment has been made, a refund will be issued according to financial aid regulations and based on the existing credit on account. For additional information, please refer to the section concerning the Student Refund Policy.
    5. Third Party (Employer) Billing
      Students may submit third party vouchers in lieu of actual payment. All vouchers must be submitted with a third party billing application available at the Center for Student Services. All paperwork must be submitted by the official payment deadline. Vouchers will only be accepted in lieu of payment as long as the sponsoring agent assumes responsibility for payment upon receiving an invoice from the College. 
    6. Electronic Payment
      Payment may be made by wire transfer directly to Marymount’s bank account. For information please call the Center for Student Services at 212 517-0500. To ensure proper crediting of your account, please include the student’s name and id number on any correspondence.

    Additional Notes Regarding Payment

    • Personal checks are accepted as payment of tuition and fees. A charge of $50 is assessed for each check returned unpaid by the bank. The College reserves the right to exclude the use of personal checks and may require payment by certified check or money order if an account is more than 90 days in arrears.
    • Students in arrears to the College may not obtain academic transcripts or be permitted to register for additional semesters until all prior balances are paid in full. Payments received for new enrollments will be applied to any outstanding balance due.
    • Delinquency of outstanding balances, including those from payment plans, financial aid reductions, or third party billings, are subject to collection by the College or it’s designated agents. There is no statute of limitations for outstanding financial obligations to the College. Student accounts that are sent to a collection agency may be subject to additional collection costs.

    Past Due Payment

    Students no longer with access to their MMC account and wish to make a payment on their past due account balance can do so by clicking here. Balances amounts to pay can be confirmed with the Center for Student Services at 212-517-0500.

  • Refund Policy

    Students with credit balances resulting from excess financial aid funds, tuition cancellations, etc., will have a refund processed within 14 days from the date of the credit balance appearing on their account.

    MMC offers students the ability to have their refund automatically credited to their designated bank account through E refunds.  To begin the process, follow the steps below.

    • Log onto MMC Connect
    • Under the ‘Financial Information’ section, select ‘Bank Information (U.S.)’ and follow the on screen instructions.
    • Once you complete the online registration, a confirmation email will be sent to your MMC email address. 

    Students not enrolled in electronic refunds will have their refund  check mailed to the permanent home address on file. Students may request to apply their credit balance to future semester charges by completing the appropriate authorization form at the Center for Student Services.

    When a student’s registration status changes and he/she is a recipient of financial aid funds, the student’s record must be reviewed by a financial aid counselor before a refund can be issued. Credit balances resulting from the disbursement of Parent Plus Loans will be refunded to the borrower if the loan is greater than the students institutional charges.  If the parent would like the refund to go directly to the student, written authorization must be submitted to the Center for Student Services. 

  • Withdrawal & Cancellation Policy

    Tuition Refund Insurance Plan
    Marymount Manhattan College offers a tuition protection option, through Sallie Mae Insurance. The Student Protection Plan is an elective insurance coverage that provides tuition protection if your student is unable to complete classes for the academic term due to a covered medical reason. You can access plan information at


    An official withdrawal from any or all classes does not always entitle a student to a refund of tuition and fees paid or a reduction of costs incurred.

    It is important to note that the College assesses charges and cancellations based upon tuition commitments for the full semester. The effective date of withdrawal and cancellation, if any, will be the date when a student files a formal application with the Center for Student Services.

    If a student withdraws from one or more classes, during the drop/add period but does not drop below full-time status(12-15 credits) no forfeiture of tuition will be charged.  If a student withdraws from one or more classes and becomes less than full-time, forfeiture will be charged for the difference between full and part-time tuition rates using the schedule for partial withdrawals.

    After the census date, students who did not attend classes and did not officially withdraw from MMC will be assessed 25% of their tuition charge as forfeiture.  Failure to attend classes or to make payment does not constitute an official withdrawal.

    Students are considered in attendance until they officially withdraw from school or are requested to do so by a Dean. Students, who leave school voluntarily or drop a course, must do so through the proper channels or otherwise risk assuming full tuition charges. Students who fail to formally withdraw may also be responsible for repaying all or part of the financial aid funds received in the term.

    Steps in Withdrawal Process:

    • The student must complete a Withdrawal form available in the Office of Academic Advisement.
    • The signed Withdrawal form is processed in the Center for Student Services.
    • The student’s financial aid eligibility may be revised, subject to federal, state and institutional refund policies. The refund policy is listed below and is published in the College Catalogue. Fees are not refundable.
    • Consult the College Catalogue for additional details regarding withdrawal procedures

    Students receiving financial aid who withdraw from school completely will have their tuition liability calculated based on the federal formula for Title IV withdrawals. Students using payment plans or receiving financial aid are responsible for completing all payments if a balance exists after cancellation of tuition. Please note that all fees are non-refundable after the first day of the semester and only tuition will be canceled according to the following schedule:

    Tuition Cancellation Schedule

    Fall and Spring Sessions (based on a 15 week term)
    Time of withdrawal % of Cancellation
    On or before term start date full cancellation
    During the first week of term 75 %
    During the second week 50%
    During the third week 25%
    During & after the fourth week 0%
    Summer Sessions (based on a five or six week term)
    If you withdraw % of Cancellation
    On or before term start date full cancellation
    During the first week of term 75 %
    During the second week 25 %
    During & after the third week 0%
    January Session (based on terms shorter than five weeks)
    If you withdraw % of Cancellation
    On or before term start date full cancellation
    During the first week of term 25 %
    During & after the second week 0%
    Housing and Meal Plan Cancellation Schedule
    Fall and Spring Sessions (based on a 15 week term)
    Time of withdrawal % of cancellation
    On or before term start date 75% housing not including the $500 deposit and 0% of remaining dining dollars.
    On or after the 2nd day of the term 0% housing and 0% of remaining dining dollars
    Summer and January Sessions
    If you withdraw % of cancellation
    On or before term start date 50% housing
    After first day 0% housing