Fall Housing Selection

Fall Housing Selection (FHS) is the opportunity for current MMC students to reserve a space in housing for Fall 2015. Sign up to secure your space for next year!

Note: if you are a new, incoming student, please view your housing application process here. The below information is for current MMC students only.

 Continuing students will live in Cooper Square.

Find out more about our NEW residence hall in the East Village here.


Current MMC students can reserve a room in three easy steps:

1. Pay a non-refundable housing deposit of $500 by April 13. 

Deposits can be paid by check, cash, or credit card at the Center for Student Services or online through e-cashier.

2. Complete the Continuing Student housing application.
3. Visit the FHS table in the Black & White Lobby East on April 14 & 15 to complete your medical consent form and get your free t-shirt! 

Housing Contract Information

To complete the FHS process, you will need to read and review the Housing Contract online. Please read the Contract in its entirety prior to signing your housing application.

By signing the Contract you are agreeing to:

  • Reside in the residence halls for the entire academic year, and be responsible for all housing fees for the duration of the academic year, whether or not you drop to part-time.
  • Abide by all policies in The Resident’s Guide to Community Living.


Important Information

  • There are limited spaces, so it’s first come, first served.
  • Be sure you want to live in housing before you sign up. Once you complete the deposit and application, you’ll be liable for paying for housing for the entire academic year.
  • You are strongly urged to obtain renters insurance, or verify coverage with your family’s homeowners policy for theft, damage, loss, etc. of your personal belongings.  

FHS Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Fall Housing Selection?

Any student interested in housing for the 2015-16 academic year is eligible and must participate.

What do I need to do prior to FHS?

By April 13, pay the $500 non-refundable housing deposit and complete the Continuing Student housing application online.

What happens at FHS in the Black and White Lobby?

You will complete your medical consent form and get a free t-shirt! You can also be placed on the 55th waitlist.  

I know Cooper Square is for continuing students, but what if I want to live at 55th next year?

Because 55th is primarily for first-year students, there are a limited number of continuing student spaces located in rooms with Resident Advisors (RAs). During FHS, you will need to sign up for a room at Cooper Square, and you can request to be placed on the waitlist for 55th Street. If a space becomes available at 55th Street, you will be notified.

What if I want to room with someone specific next year?

We do our best to honor requests for roommates, but we cannot guarantee your requests will be granted. One roommate turning in the application does not save a space for another roommate. Both (or all three) roommates must complete all the steps to sign up for housing. Spaces are given first come, first served.

Cooper Square: Roommate requests must be mutual. Your selected roommate(s) must also submit a housing deposit, complete the application online, and have a signed signature page turned in to the Office of Residence Life.
55th Street: Continuing students typically live with RAs at 55th Street. If you know of an RA who you want to live with, both you and the RA must mutually request one another on your housing applications.

What happens if I have paid my deposit but I do not sign up for any housing during FHS?

If you do not sign up for a space between April 14-15, you will lose your housing deposit and not have reserved a space in housing for the 2015-16 academic year.

What happens if I cannot pay the deposit now? 

When you are ready to pay the deposit, please call the Office of Residence Life to check housing availability.  

What happens if I cannot participate in FHS? 

If you cannot participate in FHS, please contact Residence Life to discuss your individual needs. 

What happens if I sign up for a room and later decide to live off campus?

If you are unsure about housing, DO NOT sign up for a space during FHS. By submitting your $500 non-refundable deposit, application, and Contract Signature Page during FHS,  you are contractually bound to the housing contract and are responsible for the housing charges for the entire academic year.


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