Check In

Coordinating the arrival of so many students in New York City can be quite a challenge, but we have a successful plan in place for the big day. 

The Check-In Process: 55th Street

Our building is located on 55th Street (which runs east to west) between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. On move-in days the New York Police Department will close parking on the right side of 55th Street from York Avenue (the farthest east avenue) to our building three blocks away. Cars will begin lining up in the lane along 55th Street and continue back as far as needed. When you arrive for check-in, plan to start on 55th Street and York Avenue and travel towards the building until you see the line of cars with their hazard lights on. It is important to remember that there are businesses along these blocks. Please do not block entrances or exits.

We begin to unload vehicles at 8 am on move in days. When a car has reached the building, we will have our Resident Advisors (RAs) come to the car with large bins and assist in unloading all your belongings. While this is happening, the student will be inside the building getting their key, ID, and completing any necessary forms. The check-in process can be expedited by participating in Express Check-In.

Once your car is unloaded, it will need to be moved immediately. If you are planning to stay for awhile, there are a number of parking garages in the area. The RAs will take the items to the room with the student and drop them off in the room/hallway. Depending on where you are in line, this process can take some time. Everyone should plan to wait for one to two hours in line.

The most important thing you can bring to move-in day is patience! We will work to get students in their room as quickly as possible and your patience and understanding will go a long way in making the day a success!

Check-In Time

On August 27-28, over 400 new students will move into the 55th Street Residence Hall. We assign specific times to keep the check-in process flowing as smoothly as possible. Students are assigned a check-in time alphabetically by last name. You are asked to arrive within your assigned time block. If you are unable to move in on your assigned day and time, you may move in after your assigned time but not before.


Express Check In

Students can expedite the check-in process by having these two forms completed prior to arrival:

- Medical Consent, Insurance, and Emergency form

- Housing Contract Signature Page if you were under age 18 when you applied to housing

Both forms are found in the Move In Guide. You can bring the forms with you on check in day.

- Make sure your account has been settled. Students with unpaid accounts will be unable to move in. 


Elevator Use at Check In

We’ll be shuttling people and bins up to rooms during our move-in hours. To make this as smooth as possible, we’ll be running the elevators manually to minimize stops. For this reason, we ask you to be courteous to others moving in after you by limiting your need for the elevators.

Elevator Etiquette

At all times, our elevators have a maximum capacity of 7 people. With only two elevators servicing up to floor 32, we recommend following this guideline to avoid interruption of service for repairs. Even if you really like stairs, your roommate and neighbors might not!


Mandatory Floor Meetings

Your Resident Advisor will hold your first floor meeting on the Sunday evening after you move in. All residents are required to attend! The meetings will include detailed information on the building amenities, Residence Life policies, fire safety information, and general information that all residents will need for a successful transition to on-campus living. This meeting will encourage you to meet your floor-mates and your Resident Advisor. Look for postings on your floor for time and location.

Frequently Asked Questions for Move-In

If I move in last, how can I make sure I get the good bed?
Spaces within each room are assigned by a color code to each resident, so beds, dressers, desks, and closet spaces are pre-determined for each resident. It doesn’t matter when you arrive; you’ll still get your assigned spot, so there’s no need to rush in.

I can’t make my time. Can I come earlier?
Residents may move in any time after their assigned time, but not earlier.

I am shipping my items from home. Can I have them waiting for me when I arrive?
Due to the size of our mail room and the large quantity of packages that we typically receive, we are unable to accept packages that arrive before a student. To be safe, plan for packages to arrive one to two days after your move in, and bring items you will need prior to that— such as sheets for your bed—with you when you move in.

When can I pick up my packages during Move-In days?
Our package room will have restricted hours during move-in days:

Saturday, August 27: 3 to 7 pm
Sunday, August 28: closed
Monday, August 29: 11 am to 5 pm

I plan to shop for items when I get to the city. Will I have to wait to get to my room?
There will be limited elevator access during the check-in process. To facilitate our traffic flow, we ask that you wait until after 4 pm to return to the hall with packages from shopping. If you return before 4 pm with large items, we will ask you to wait on the sidewalk until we can accommodate you in an elevator. This could be an additional hour wait. If deliveries arrive before 4 pm, they too will be set on the sidewalk until after 4 pm.