January Housing

You can certainly choose to enjoy your semester break at home or traveling, but we are an option as well. Housing is available on a limited basis during the January session. Any current resident can apply to remain in the residence hall during January session.

January Housing forms are now available online!

Interested in January Housing?

All residents must apply and be approved in order to stay in January housing. Come to the Office of Residence Life on the 8th floor of the Main building to pick up an application or download it here:

55th Street January Housing Form

Cooper Square and 1760 January Housing Form


To be approved for January Housing:

  • You must be registered for full-time status for the Spring semester.
  • A copy of your Spring semester schedule must be submitted with your application.
  • If you are on Conduct Probation, you need to submit a Special Petition Form and meet with the Director or the Assistant Director of Residence Life prior to submitting this form.



Apply on or before December 4:     $150 Early Bird rate for the session

Apply after December 4:                     $250 Regular Rate for the session

Should you withdraw from the January term on or before January 4, there is a 50% penalty fee. If you withdraw from the January term after January 4, there is no refund of the January housing fee.



November 5           January applications available in the Office of Residence Life

December 4             Final day to receive early bird fee of $150 for January Session

December 5             January Session cost increases to $250

December 9            Residence Life notifies residents if approved for January Session

December 19          All Residence Halls close at noon

The residence halls are closed from
noon on December 19, 2015, to noon on January 3, 2016. 

January 3, 2016    Approved January Residents can return to the residence halls at noon

January 29             Residence Halls open for Spring semester at 9 am



During the January session, students may have three (3) overnight guests. Students must submit the overnight guest form as well as have emailed approval from their roommates’ MMC email account giving permission for the overnight guest.

Current residents of the building may not be a day or overnight guest during the January session, and may not return to the hall to access their room or mailbox during the break; however, all residents may sign up for January session if they wish to access the hall.

With the exception of the modified guest policy, all other Residence Life policies remain in effect.

Dining Options

We also want to make sure you are provided with adequate meals and that you eat during
this down-time! We invite January residents to use the remainder of their fall Dining Dollars during the January term. Spring Dining Dollars are not active until the first day of the spring semester. 

Please note that dining locations may have modified hours during the January session due to lower demand.

If you would like to add money to your Dining Dollars for the January term, please do so at the Center for Student Services.


55th Street Renovations

If you live on floors 10, 11, 12, or 14 at 55th Street:

We are excited to announce your bathrooms will be renovated over Winter/January Break!  A significant amount of work will be completed before your return on January 3; however, you will not have full access to your bathroom while the renovations are underway.  There are many steps to this renovation, and you will have access to your shower at the end of each day. Unfortunately, the sink and toilet are the final items to be installed, so you will need to use the kitchen sink for brushing teeth or washing hands. For a toilet, you can use the facilities in the lobby until your renovation is complete, or you can have a friend grant you access to their apartment to use the bathroom facilities by completing the info on the reverse side.    

We fully understand this is an inconvenience, but there is little time during the year when we can make these significant improvements to 55th Street; plus, you will have a new bathroom before spring semester begins!  Since there will be vendors in your apartment, please remember to secure all valuables in your locked bedroom prior to leaving for break, and daily upon your return.  Work will be complete by January 28, and we will keep you updated as the work progresses.