Marymount Manhattan

Our Mission

Our residence hall staff is here to make sure you are safe and comfortable in your new home. From students just like you to full-time staff members, the residence life team is here to support you.

Our Mission

The Residence Life program at Marymount Manhattan College is committed to the overall growth, development, and education of it’s residents. Our primary goal is to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable educational environment while providing residents the opportunities to become involved, exercise their leadership skills, and be part of a residential community. We seek to promote individual growth: challenging values and attitudes, developing qualities of respect for others, intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, cultural awareness, self-discipline, independent judgment, and personal responsibility.

The Residence Life staff is committed to offering you an inclusive environment that will allow you to take healthy risks, grow individually, and participate in enriching and challenging activities.

We hope you will take full advantage of your living environment by participating in activities, standing up for yourself and others, and speaking up for what you believe has value.

Contact Us
MMC's Resident Advisors count down the days until the new school year begins

The Office of Residence Life is open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, with the exception of College holidays and designated break periods. 

During regular business hours you can reach our professional staff in the Office of Residence Life at 212-774-0740, or by emailing