Academics at MMC

There are many resources available to your student as he or she studies at Marymount Manhattan. Below are some resources you can use to help them along their way.


Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement offers students a wide range of informational services. Academic advisors give students individualized attention to help them explore career interests and intellectual goals and ensure meaningful course selection and program planning. The primary goal is to provide students with the individual guidance they may need to complete their academic course of study in a successful and timely fashion.

The Center for Academic Advancement provides courses for students who need the opportunity to reinforce their skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar proficiency, and basic writing. The Center also supports a laboratory that offers students intensive work on the academic skills necessary to succeed in college. Enrollment in these courses is determined by a placement test administered and evaluated by the Center. The Center for Academic Advancement also offers tutorial assistance for all Marymount Manhattan students. Tutoring is offered in all academic subjects, and one-on-one support is provided for students who need it.

Through Student Support Services and the Program for Academic Access, Marymount Manhattan College provides support for students with physical, psychological and learning disabilities. In compliance with Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, students with disabilities requesting accommodations of any kind should be registered with the Program for Academic Access and/or the Office of Student Support Services. Accommodation requests are evaluated individually, based on documentation and completion of the registration process.


Academic Access

The Program for Academic Access for Students with Learning Disabilities coordinates services to students who have, upon application, disclosed documented disabilities and applied specifically to the program. Learning specialists work with the students to provide accommodations and multifaceted support to enable them to handle the same curriculum as the other qualified applicants to Marymount. All student documentation is confidential, and information regarding students with disabilities who receive these services cannot be shared with parents/guardians or others without a consent form signed by the student. The Program for Academic Access highly encourages students to complete this form. The form can be obtained from the Program for Academic Access. For more information, visit the Program for Academic Access.


Academic Progress Reports

Academic Progress Reports (grades) are available to students online (via MMC Connect) after each semester. Parents/guardians are encouraged to “check in” with their student to inquire how they are doing. Parents do not have access to a student’s MMC Connect account.

All communication regarding academic probation and academic dismissal is directed to the student (see the Parent/Guardian Communication Policy under the Safety, Policies and Procedures tab for details).


Enrollment Verification Requests

The Center for Student Services is equipped to provide letters that confirm a student’s enrollment to organizations requiring proof of registration (e.g. health insurance companies). To request an enrollment verification letter, MMC students should go to the Center for Student Services.

Click here for more information on the services available through the Center for Student Services.