Learn More About Admissions Advocacy

Representing Marymount Manhattan at a college fair or college night is imperative to our recruiting efforts. Most often they’ll occur at a high school, but events can be held at convention centers, malls or colleges. The size varies, sometimes as many as 3-4,000 people will attend but a small fair could be 150-200 students. These events typically are around 1-3 hours and generally occur at night. Regardless of size and location, all of these events are important.

Whether you speak with 100 students or 15, MMC’s presence at the fair is very valuable. In either case, relax and have fun! You’re not going to know the answer to every question -no one does - but prospective students and their parents always appreciate someone that is warm and friendly, and who is sincerely interested in helping them learn more about MMC. Remember, many folks will be impressed that you are willing to volunteer your time to promote MMC as a college option!


An admissions counselor will contact you to ask if you can represent MMC at an upcoming event. If you are available, they will provide the following before the day of the event:

  • A copy of the confirmation letter that MMC has been registered for the event.
  • Directions or specific instructions that the fair coordinators have supplied (when and where to go to check in and set up, if there will be refreshments served or if you need to plan on eating around the event, etc.)
  • Information on how to contact fair coordinators.
  • Apply to MMC
  • Materials to hand out
  • An evaluation form to provide feedback to your admissions counselor about the event

A few days before the event, your admissions counselor will contact you to ensure that you have received all materials and to answer any last minute questions. If there is a problem, there should still be enough time before the fair to track down the packages or have a replacement sent!


  • A professional appearance, a smile, and a warm “hello” are a good start.
  • Standard etiquette dictates that you not move out in front of your table. Make sure to stand behind the table at all times.
  • Be honest in answering questions. It is perfectly okay to say “I don’t know.” If you are unable to answer a question, direct the student to his or her admissions counselor or the website. Try to make sure you provide the student or parent with a way to get his/her question answered.
  • Please do not speak negatively about another school.
  • Offer the students your personal perspective of MMC without over-reminiscing.
  • Please do not offer Admissions advice. It is best to tell the student that you cannot comment on anyone’s chances of admission, but that each completed application will receive thorough review during the evaluation process.


Please be familiar with the materials provided for your display prior to the program. The “Frequently Asked Questions” section of this manual will help you to answer many of the questions you will encounter when speaking with prospective students and their families. The enclosed search piece, viewbook and financial aid guide will provide you with additional information to supplement what you already know about the College.

Plan on arriving at least 30 minutes before the start of the program. This will give you ample time to register, find the Marymount Manhattan College table and set up your display. Many schools also offer refreshments for college representatives before the program begins. If so, help yourself!

Remember, there is no guarantee how many students at the program will be interested in MMC. If you live in an area where we traditionally attract students, you may have a busy night! If, however, you live in an area where Marymount Manhattan College is not as well known, it could be a slow evening. If this happens, please don’t be discouraged. Just being present is important - not just to students and parents, but to school administrators as well.


The following are suggestions for a set up that is both attractive and efficient. You, however, are in charge and free to arrange your display in the manner that works best for you. Depending on the time of year, all of these materials may or may not be provided to you.

  • Prospect Cards - These should be displayed towards the front of the table, where it is easy for students to complete them. Pens will be provided. Encourage students to fill out the card at the table and leave it with you, although they may prefer to take them home and mail them in (prospect cards are postage paid, should students prefer to mail them to the College).
  • “Immerse Yourself in the city of 9,000,000” (road piece) - Encourage each student to take a road piece.
  • “This Isn’t Your Ordinary College Experience” (viewbook) - The viewbook is a more detailed brochure about the MMC campus. If there is only one, you will want to keep it for your own reference and not hand this out to prospective students (when they complete a prospect card, one will be mailed to them).
  • Major Brochures - These brochures explain each major in detail and include information on the faculty in that area.
  • Career Services & Internships - Includes a listing of internships in the city and services offered by the Career Services Department.
  • Academic Access Brochure - This brochure explains the program for students with learning differences and how to receive special accommodations.
  • Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) - Explains this program that is designed for students that come from households that are economically challenged and may not meet the admissions standards for admission. Students admitted to this program demonstrate that they have the potential to succeed and are given the support they need to excel. Must be residents of New York.
  • Guide to Scholarship + Financial Aid - These brochures explain eligibility requirements for financial aid, including scholarships and need-based aid from MMC, the Federal Government, the State of New York (for New York residents), and privately funded programs.
  • Visit Postcard - This is a list of the Open House visit dates we have in the fall and spring semesters for students to attend, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of the programs at MMC and student life of the College.
  • Business Cards - Please use some discretion in distributing business cards, but feel free to hand them out to anyone who specifically asks.


Pack up, go home, kick your shoes off, and relax! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, and know that the Admission Office sincerely appreciates your willingness to represent Marymount Manhattan College.

Please return the prospect cards and evaluation form immediately to the office of Admissions and indicate any follow-up we need to do on our part on the back of the forms; i.e. specific requests from students, questions you were unable to answer, etc.

A sample evaluation form is shown on the next page. If an admissions representative will be traveling to your area in the near future, you may want to make arrangements for him/her to pick up any extra materials from the program during the visit. Otherwise, please mail the materials back to the College at your earliest convenience using the return address label provided.