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Student Health and Wellness Services

Dear Family of MMC Student,

Welcome to Marymount Manhattan College. Both of us very much look forward to having your son or daughter join us in the fall. We are writing today about an important matter—health and well-being. Our goal is for your son or daughter to stay healthy in body and mind to take full advantage of the Marymount Manhattan College experience.

Marymount has two excellent on-campus student services dedicated to health and well-being. The Dow-Zanghi Student Health Center, located at the 55th St. residence hall, offers free primary care appointments and referrals for specialist care in the community (often at reduced rates). The Counseling & Wellness Center, located on the 8th floor of the Main Building, offers free psychological counseling and wellness programs and referrals for community specialist care. Both offices are accessible, friendly and free of charge, and together meet many student health care needs.

If you wish to consult the Counseling & Wellness Center over the summer to discuss your son’s or daughter’s situation or arrange off-campus referrals, please call us at 212-774-0700. The Dow Zanghi Student Health Center can be reached beginning August 12th at 212-759-5870. Both offices will be happy to help you.

We also want to call your attention to insurance needs. Sometimes on-campus services are not enough, and students need the services of medical or psychological specialists in the community, or even require hospital treatment. Medical and psychological care can be enormously expensive. An unexpected illness or injury can impose a devastating financial burden. That is why Marymount Manhattan requires full-time students to carry health insurance and why it is essential to have the right kind of insurance.

What kind of insurance is right? The answer varies—no policy is right for every student. Many students are covered under their parents’ insurance plan. The College also offers an insurance option. When considering the best coverage for your student, please consider three key questions: Does this policy work well in New York City—does it cover local doctors and specialists? Does this policy cover a student’s special needs? Does this policy sufficiently allow for unexpected medical expenses?

The policy Marymount Manhattan College has worked out with United Healthcare is priced at $1604 per year and has several key advantages. The annual benefit is up to $500,000. After deductibles, physician visits—or psychotherapy sessions—are covered 80% in network and 60% out of network. Prescription drugs are also included. You can review the policy at Please read the materials carefully.

Note that part-time students can also sign up for the United Healthcare insurance plan. All international students are automatically enrolled.

Soon your son or daughter will receive an e-mail in his or her MMC email account from Suzanne Sorrentino, Assistant Director for Wellness Services, giving more details about this health plan along with instructions to enroll in or waive it. Since all full-time Marymount Manhattan students must have health insurance, it is essential that your student responds to this email.

Please make sure the policy you choose meets your student’s health care needs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the Counseling and Wellness Center at (212) 774-0700.

Once again, we are delighted your son or daughter has chosen to study at Marymount Manhattan College, and please let us know if we can be helpful to you in any way.


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Carol L. Jackson Paul Grayson
Vice President for Student Affairs Director, Counseling
Dean of Students