Marymount Manhattan

Presidential Search

November 25, 2014

On behalf of the Search Committee and the Board of Trustees, I want to thank all of you for your engagement in the on-campus phase of our presidential search completed last week. We appreciate how time consuming your involvement was given everyone’s ongoing responsibilities.

The search has generated tremendous enthusiasm and engagement across every constituency at Marymount Manhattan, including trustees, students, faculty, administration, staff, alumni, the RSHM, parents and friends of the College. For those of you who participated in the meetings with candidates, sat in on the open sessions or attended the alumni/friends/parents receptions, each of the finalists was asked to address challenging questions from every sector of the community across a wide range of topics. Their responses and the feedback provided to the Search Committee are a critical component of the search process.

The Search Committee and our consultants are now synthesizing all of the information about each candidate generated by the on-site visits, as well as extensive background and reference checks still underway. The Search Committee’s deliberations are continuing, and the Committee will provide its unranked assessment of the finalists to the Board for its consideration. The trustees will address the presidency issue at the Board’s meeting on December 9.

However, please note that a public announcement concerning the appointment of a new president will occur only after the Board reaches a decision and after a written agreement is finalized between the Board’s choice and the president-elect. Retaining the confidentiality of the search process during this phase is vital.

While we expect the public announcement to occur early in 2015, we cannot predict the timeframe with any degree of certainty other than to say that there will be sufficient time for an orderly transition.  Additional information about the transition will follow the announcement of the president-elect.

Thank you for your continued interest in the presidential search. 

Anne C. Flannery
Chair, Presidential Search Committee