Senior Alexis Keller Interns at the U.N.

Alexis Keller, a senior double major in Environmental Studies and Dance/Body, Science, and Motion, is spending her semester in a professional immersion program at the United Nations.

Alexis Keller is a senior participating in Marymount Manhattan’s professional immersion program at the United Nations this semester. She is working with the Medical Mission Sisters, a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to peace, health, and sustainability worldwide.

Alexis participates in NGO committee meetings on human trafficking, climate change, mining/extraction of resources, social development, migration, and women. She attends high-level meetings, debates, and panels at the UN during the General Assembly, when all 194 countries come together to work on issues of global importance. She often takes notes to report back to her supervisor, Sister Celine Paramundayil. Alexis enjoys working with Sister Celine to produce newsletters for the Medical Mission Sisters community and creating social media content. She is also the DPI NGO Youth Representative for her NGO.

There is never a shortage of fascinating events happening at the United Nations, which has given Alexis a chance to learn about many topics and watch as history happens right before her eyes. Alexis has been able to build connections between her two majors: Environmental Studies and Dance/Body, Science, and Motion because of the guiding hand of Sister Celine, who encourages Alexis to attend events about topics she is passionate about.

Prof. Andreas Hernandez, Chair of International Studies, was responsible for creating this opportunity for MMC students. He says, “Building on connections between the Department of International Studies and the United Nations, MMC students can now participate in professional immersion in the UN system. Our Marymount UN Program is the only one of its kind on the East Coast.”

Alexis is grateful for the opportunity to learn about the United Nations while participating in its processes, and learn about the intertwined nature of many different issues that plague our world.

Published: October 23, 2017