Junior Marjan Khan Wins Top Prize for Research Presentation

  • Marjan Khan with her award in front of the Natural Sciences "Wall of Fame"
Biology major Marjan Khan received an award for her research talk at the 2019 Eastern Colleges Science Conference.

Marjan Khan was awarded a prize for her platform talk in the Animal Biology category at the 73rd annual Eastern Colleges Science Conference, which was held at Manhattan College in April. Marjan’s presentation, “Quantification of Pathogenic Fecal Bacteria on New York City Sidewalks,” described research she has conducted with Dr. Alessandra Leri during the last two years. Through her project, Marjan has measured high levels of E. coli and other disease-causing fecal bacteria on city sidewalks. She has also demonstrated the transfer of such bacteria to shoe soles and to interior carpets, indicating contamination of the indoor environment and potential exposure of humans to the risk of infection. Marjan shares many of her results publicly on Instagram (@NYC_citizenscientist) and is planning to complete an Honors Thesis in Biology next year. 

Junior Julia Furnari, who conducts research with Dr. Ann Aguanno, and sophomore Ashley Pavia, who conducts research with Dr. Leri, also presented research at the ECSC conference. Read more about our 2019 presenters here.

Marjan joins an impressive list of presentation award winners from the Department of Natural Sciences. Stop by the 6th floor to see our Wall of Fame!