Our New Normal: An Inside Look At In-Person Science Labs During COVID-19

Students in our Biology and Chemistry science labs this semester conduct experiments with remote “lab partners” in real time.

This semester, students in the Natural Sciences were given the option to take their science labs in-person or remotely. This has produced an innovative mode of science lab instruction, with each student in the laboratory pairing with a remote “lab partner” to complete the experiment in tandem. The students working in the laboratory relay experimental details, observations, and measurements to the remote students through Zoom videoconferencing. All students, both in-person and remote, are held to the same standards of preparedness. 

In-person labs are offered this fall in a variety of courses, including General Biology, Human Anatomy, Microbiology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and General Physics. All laboratories adhere to strict social distancing guidelines, and CDC regulations are exceeded to minimize the chance of viral transmission.

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Published: October 15, 2020


Prof. Ann Aguanno, Chair of Natural Sciences