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MMC Alumna Margaret Roleke ’84 Featured in Multiple Exhibitions

  • Margaret Roleke, Danger, cyanotype
  • Margaret Roleke, Liar, cyanotype, 22”x30”
  • Margaret Roleke’s CAW Window Project in New Haven, CT
Margaret Roleke ’84, an activist, artist, and graduate of MMC’s Studio Art program, is exhibiting original pieces in multiple shows throughout the fall of 2020.

Margaret Roleke, Thank You, cyanotypePhoto credit: SaveArtSpace.org Margaret Roleke, Thank You, cyanotype
Photo credit: SaveArtSpace.org
One particularly striking piece by Roleke is a billboard on exhibit in Detroit, Michigan through the organization SaveArtSpace.org. The billboard image is a cyanotype, created through a photographic process using two chemicals: ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide, and sunlight. Roleke is constantly experimenting with and combining new materials in her practice.

Recent Exhibitions

Margaret Roleke ?84 Margaret Roleke ’84Current Exhibitions

For more information on Roleke and her activist artwork, visit her website at www.margaretroleke.com.

Congratulations Margaret!