EWL Alum Sam Sims ’20 Publishes Halloween Op-Ed

Happy Halloween! Sam Sims ’20 has published an op-ed in The Face, London’s premier style magazine, arguing that scares and sweethearts go hand-in-hand.

“Everyone loves a season-specific romantic comedy,” she writes. “We all do our yearly rewatch of The Holiday and Love, Actually around Christmas, or Mamma Mia to get us in the mood for summer.”

But where, she asks, is our Halloween rom-com? Many films have approached this genre-season matchup, but none have really sunk their teeth into it. Sure, there’s Twilight, but Edward Cullen wouldn’t know a joke if it bit him on the neck.

Check out Sam’s article in The Face for a closer look at her pitch. We’re sold!

Published: October 31, 2022