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Executive Director of Academic Operations


Academic Affairs






Dr. Tseday Alehegn joined the Division of Academic Affairs at MMC in 2018 and currently serves as Executive Director of Academic Operations. Before coming to MMC Tseday served as Associate Director at Columbia University, Teachers College where she oversaw daily operations and service provisions for students, faculty and staff through the Office of Access, served on the college-wide committee for Academic Technology and Office of Digital Learning, and conducted research on mobile technologies, accessibility and universal design. Her prior professional experience includes working at the International Senior Lawyers Project focusing on projects in human rights, access to justice and economic development, as well as working in the biotechnology sector as a Clinical Database Programmer and IS Operations Specialist. She is the Co-Founder of Tadias Magazine, an online publication geared towards the Ethiopian-American and Diaspora community. Tseday holds an Ed.D. in Health & Behavior Studies and an M.S. in Neuroscience & Education from Columbia University as well as an M.A. in Education (Program in Social Sciences, Policy & Educational Practice) and a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University.


B.A., Stanford University
M.A., Stanford University
M.S., Columbia University
Ed.D,. Columbia University


Dr. Alehegn’s scholarly research interests focus on social entrepreneurship and health equity using digital health technologies, universal design and accessibility, as well as mobile learning for civic engagement.

Book Chapters & Peer-Reviewed Publications

Alehegn, T., Keller, R. (2016). Mobile apps, universal design and accessibility in schools: creating an inclusive classroom experience. In D. Mentor (Ed), Handbook of research on mobile learning in contemporary classrooms (pp.279-298). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Alehegn, T., Mentor, D. (2016). Mobile learning for social change: democratizing education and civic engagement. In D. Mentor (Ed), Handbook of research on mobile learning in contemporary classrooms (pp.363-377). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Ma J., Urizar G., Alehegn, T., Stafford, RS. (2004). Diet and physical activity counseling during ambulatory care visits in the U.S. Preventive Medicine, 39(4), 815-822.

Stafford R.S., Furberg, C.D., Finkelstein, S.N., Cockburn, I.M., Alehegn, T., Ma, J. (2004). Impact of clinical trial results on national trends in alphablocker prescribing, 1996-2002. JAMA, 291(1), 54-62.

College Service

Academic Policy Committee
Bedford Hills/Taconic Steering Committee
Bias Incident Response Team
Electronic Information Technology Compliance Committee
Internationalizing MMC Committee (Strategic Plan 2017-19)
President’s Advisory Committee for Inclusivity
Title IX Investigator
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (2018-2020)


The Townhouse, Room 501