Lucas Perelló


Visiting Professor of International Studies


International Studies



Lucas Perelló is a PhD candidate in Politics, working primarily in the subfields of Comparative Politics and American Politics. The focus of his dissertation is on voter-party linkages in Honduras, which examines the strategies that political parties use to appeal to voters in contexts of poverty and inequality.

In Brief

Visiting Professor of International Studies

Recent Work

Navia, Patricio and Lucas Perelló. 2019. “One-night stands and long-term commitments. Vote intention and presidential approval for Sebastián Piñera in Chile, 2009-2014.” (Forthcoming).

Cantillana, Carlos, Gonzalo Contreras, Mauricio Morales, Daniela Oliva and Lucas Perelló. 2017. “Malestar con la representación democrática en América Latina. Características e implicancias.” Política y Gobierno 24 (2): 245-274.

Perelló, Lucas. 2015. “One of these things is sort of like the other: presidential approval and support for government management of the economy in Chile, 2006-2013.” Política. Revista de Ciencia Política 53 (1): 117-164.


Central America | Latin American Politics | Development and Global Change | Comparative Politics | Globalizations of the Past and Present | Populism | War and Peace