Sabrina Sooknanan ’19

Class of 2019, Double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies and Business, Social Entrepreneurship concentration

The best thing I ever did in my academic career was declaring a major in Philosophy. I remember interviewing for my current position at a tech company and the co-founder asked me about my Philosophy degree. Discussing my critical thinking skills and showcasing my curiosity for the human condition and its relationship to the digital world made me stand out from other candidates.


I am proof that the skills you learn in philosophy and religious studies are vital and transferable. In the media job market, my critical thinking skills and curiosity about the human condition made me stand out. The major prepared me to look at all sides, develop effective strategies, and engage with important issues.

I founded my media company, Blended, while I was at MMC. Blended is an NYC-based media company dedicated to amplifying the voices of diverse creators through all types of media. Launched in 2017, BLENDED has worked with an abundance of rising musicians, local artists, personal brands and multidisciplinary creators to produce both digital content and live events in New York City. Our focus on storytelling, community and creativity has allowed us to shine a bright light on the local art scene.

Events I’ve organized through Blended: