Sekou McMiller

  • Marisol Díaz, 2017.
    Marisol Díaz


Embodied Africanist Aesthetics 





Sekou McMiller’s unique style of Latin dance, rich with Afro-Carribean essence and laced with techniques from many genres of dance, combined with his explosive energy on and off stage has earned Sekou’s dancing and instructing worldwide recognition.

Sekou made his NYC Off-Broadway and international tour debut with Celia the Musical. In addition, Sekou has over 10 years experience of instructing and performing at Latin dance congresses all over North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Ha has also conducted master classes in New York, Chicago, LA, Seoul, Tokyo, San Diego, Seattle, Beijing, Singapore, Mumbai, Miami, Shanghai, Toronto, Dallas, Boston, Manchester, Warsaw, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Rome, and many other international hubs of dance.