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Manolo Estavillo


Associate Professor of Politics and Human Rights
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Politics and Human Rights





As a social critic my work has focused on the intersection of race and sexuality in the Puerto Rican diaspora. More recently, I have been exploring the use of photography to document the relationship between social identity and the claims made over space as groups of people make a place for themselves in the world.

I make images because they are a source of pleasure, aesthetic and social. The viewfinder helps me frame images of everyday life but is also a vehicle to places and people I may not have met otherwise . On opposite sides of the viewfinder and, together, inside the light machine, we may rehearse ourselves outside the loneliness of human existence and wonder about the status of this loneliness as foundational or constructed.

My current project, “Dancing in El Barrio,” documents the last three years of Salsa Saturdays - a ten year old investment by long time East Harlem community organizer, Albert Medina, who imagined a place, La Placita, out of the burnt down, fenced in, remains of the once thriving La Marqueta, a singular place in the history of the Great Migration of Puerto Ricans to New York.


Ph.D., Graduate Center, City University of New York
M.A., Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research
B.A., University of Detroit

Recent Work

Recent Publications:

Guzmán, M. (2011, June 2) De Ricky Martin a la Nación.  Claridad, Suplemento En Rojo, p.21

Guzmán, M. & Sperling, R. (2009) “Knock-Knock: ReVisioning Family and Home.” The Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services: issues in Practice, Policy & Research, 21, 115-133.

Guzmán, M. (2006). Gay Hegemony/Latino Homosexualities.  New York: Routledge

Recent Presentations/Productions:

Dancing Under the Tracks” Photography Exhibition, La Placita, East Harlem NY, 2016

Intersectionality,”  Guest lecture presented at Fordham University, New York City, April 2011.

“Who Knew? Corporations are People,” Organizer, A discussion of Citizens United vs. FEC with Justice Sallie Manzanet-Daniels and Former New York State Secretary of State Honorable Randy A. Daniels. Marymount Manhattan College, New York City, November 2009.

“Racial Homoeroticism,” paper presented at Psychoanalysis and Society, a one-day symposium. American Sociological Association, New York City, August 2007.

“Esto Está Pero Muy Queer,” paper presented at Behind the Rainbow: Queer Easter Symposium 2007, sponsored by the Society for Cultural History and Cultural Studies. Mexico City, April 2007.

Professional Experience

Research Assistant,  Latino Gay Men’s Study,  HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies,  New York

State Psychiatric Institute  2000-2001

Research Assistant,  Center for AIDS Prevention Studies,  University of California at San Francisco 


Senior Development Associate,  The Door-Youth Social Services,  New York City  1997-1999

Guidance Counselor,  Harvey Milk School,  Hetrick-Martin Institute,  New York City  1995-1997

Lecturer in Sexual Politics,  Encampment for Citizenship, San Francisco, CA  1992-1994

Summer Youth Camp for Citizenship Activism:  held workshops on gender relations and sex and society in conjunction with overall program, including politics, economic relations and race

Counselor, Clinical Department,  Hetrick-Martin Institute,  New York City  1988-1994

Psychotherapeutic Services for LGBT Youth Populations:  Individual, Family and Group Counseling,

HIV / AIDS Prevention Workshops, Community Education and Outreach Work on Matters of Sexual Diversity

Counselor, Child Placement Prevention Program,  Puerto Rican Family Institute,  New York City  1987-1988 Psychotherapeutic and Support Services for Working Class Latina Women:  Individual, Family and Group Counseling on Parenting

Office Hours

By appointment.


Carson Hall, Room CH202