At the heart of Marymount Manhattan College is New York City creativity

Like the city we call home, MMC is famous for its offerings in arts and culture.

But like everything else at MMC, our New York City creativity goes well beyond the expected: it infuses everything we do. Our students aren’t lost in some giant lecture hall. Instead, they’re figuring out new ways to help local kids who have speech impediments. They’re choreographing their own dance pieces that weave together ideas of identity, language, and belonging. They’re exploring how the sounds of the city affect their classmates’ moods. They’re designing imaginative chemistry experiments to answer questions about the world in which we live.

New York City creativity. It’s at the heart of the social movements our students ignite and the social problems they take on—like food insecurity, racial discrimination, poverty, and homelessness.

At Marymount Manhattan, we believe that if we nurture our students’ creativity, they will have the ability to find purpose, and adapt and grow throughout their lives. We also believe that through creative problem-solving, they will achieve our founders’ vision—of a just and equitable society in which each of us belongs because we’re different, and each of us makes an impact because we must.

What We’re About

Graduation from MMC past
From our beginnings as a two-year women’s college, we’ve transformed significantly and evolved to meet the changing needs of our students. But one thing has remained constant: our commitment to providing higher education for diverse populations.
Honors Day 2018
We want to see our students rise to their creative and intellectual potential, develop their own sense of personal growth, and chart their unique path to professional success. Equally important, we want them to be engaged members of their communities. 
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We embrace our responsibility to create a welcoming and accessible community built on our core values and beliefs. Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, along with the President’s Task Force for Racial Equity and the Advisory Committee for Inclusivity, have set specific goals for addressing issues of inequality.
  • The amazing classes taught by brilliant professors gave me the knowledge needed to step into a full-time role at a company. Furthermore, the fact that the college was in NYC made me independent, courageous, and open-minded.

    Sofija Gligorov ’13

    Class of 2013 Valedictorian, Major in International Business and Economics

    Meet Sofija
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To get your evaluation, submit your application at the link in our bio and email your high school...
To get your evaluation, submit your application at the link in our bio and email your high school and college transcripts at least three days before your session to #GoGriffins
#ClimateWeekNYC just ended, but the work continues?and is more urgent than ever. To learn about t...
#ClimateWeekNYC just ended, but the work continues—and is more urgent than ever. To learn about the climate crisis and how to push for action, check out these resources and events coming out of our community. 🌎 MMC’s sustainability club @SustainMMC. Sign up for the group on Engage and follow their IG account to learn more about upcoming events and tips for sustainable living. 🌎 MMC’s 2023 Barry Commoner Lecture on the Environment. RSVP for the talk, which takes place on October 20 and is free and open to the public, at the link in our bio. Its featured speaker will be Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and journalist Elizabeth Kolbert, whose most recent book, Under a White Sky, is about humanity’s harmful impact on the environment and ideas to rectify that harm. She’ll join Natural Sciences Chair Matthew Lundquist, Ph.D., in conversation. 🌎 Shifting Sands, an interactive virtual reality viewer created by Associate Professor of Communication and Media Arts Sarah Nelson Wright and collaborator Edrex Fontanilla. It explores the shorelines at the forefront of climate change in NYC and landscapes facing destruction from sea level rise, storm surges, and development. The work is on display through December 30 at the @StatenIslandMuseum as part of the Vulnerable Landscapes exhibit. See the link in our bio for info.
We can't believe we're heading into the third week of the new semester already! On this  #Flashba...
We can’t believe we’re heading into the third week of the new semester already! On this  #FlashbackFriday we take it back to Day 1 with some first day slay from Dance majors @lilysledge @raegantakeover @bakermorgann @lilsunshinebri #GoGriffins #marymountmanhattan #collegesearch @mmcdancedept
You'll find Griffins everywhere?including the most magical place on earth!  ?? Dance alum Lacey G...
You’ll find Griffins everywhere—including the most magical place on earth! ➡️ Dance alum Lacey Greathouse ’23 has been cleared for launch in Orlando, Florida, where she’s doing the Disney College Program and working at the attraction Rise of the Resistance in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. ➡️ BFA Musical Theatre alum Jake Gladwin ’23 has been seen soaring high with his pal Peter Pan at Walt Disney World. With a happy thought, faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust, we can all fly with Peter too! ➡️ Theatre Arts alum Maura Holloran ’13 is a Walt Disney World guest experience manager for entertainment. She recently received the Legacy Award, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products’ highest honor, which recognizes exceptional individuals who consistently strive to make guests’ dreams come true by enhancing the Disney experience and creating innovative ways to deliver Disney magic and inspire others. Less than one percent of cast members are selected for the honor! @mmctheatrearts @mmcdancedept
?? Add this to your calendar: Allergic to Being Alive, a hilarious one-woman comedy cabaret premi...
➡️ Add this to your calendar: Allergic to Being Alive, a hilarious one-woman comedy cabaret premiering this Sunday at Caveat. (Check the link in our bio for ticket info!) It explores the ups and downs of living with chronic illness based on writer and star Katie Hutch’s real—and lifelong—health struggles. “I joke that my list of diagnoses is longer than a CVS receipt,” she said. The show has ties to the MMC community, too. Katie was an MMC Theatre major before health issues sidelined her a year before graduating. And the show’s team includes MMC freshman and BFA Acting major Gigi LeClair. The two met while working on a production of Island Song by the Rooftop Musical Society, where Gigi was a PA and Katie was part of the cast. “I noticed Gigi’s initiative and her focus. She was just so on top of everything that I told her about my one-woman show and asked her if she wanted to work on it,” Katie said.  Gigi handles social media and marketing, with free reign to tackle whatever else interests her. Last week, during rehearsals, she offered notes while Katie workshopped some of her character voices. “I’ve always been interested in the whole process that goes into staging a production,” Gigi said. So, why should you check out the play? According to Gigi, the idea that others may be facing the same crises as you and that it’s possible to laugh even while you cry hits home. “The show is so relatable,” she said. “I think MMC students will love it.” 💙 #MMCPROUD #GoGriffins
It's #AlumniTuesday, and we've got lots of great news to share and congratulations? to go around,...
It’s #AlumniTuesday, and we’ve got lots of great news to share and congratulations🥂 to go around, starting with these stories from the Classes of 2023, 2020, and 2005! 📸 1 - Communication and Media Arts alum Lily Zwick ’23 is an account coordinator at SolComms, one of the country’s top 15 PR agencies, according to Business Insider. 📸 2 - Faith Heinaman ’20 is pursuing a Master of Public Health degree in Health Policy at Harvard University’s Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. For the past two years, she’s been a program and policy coordinator for the Vaccine Equity and Access Program at the nonprofit Community Catalyst. She plans to continue to help shape health policy to create a more equitable health system for all. 📸 3 - Lindsey Peers ’05, owner of The Craft Studio, opened up her third studio location in Brooklyn this year. (She took over as the business’s owner when she was just 24!) You might have caught her, too, on TV shows like Today, where she’s often featured as a DIY expert. Shout out to her right hand and work bestie Noreen Carruthers ’10, who’s also an alum, slays her job, and keeps the studio ticking! Alums: You know what to do! DM us your career updates. #MMCProud #GoGriffins
We're still celebrating Griffins who walked in--and owned--NY Fashion Week. That includes Evie Ni...
We’re still celebrating Griffins who walked in–and owned–NY Fashion Week. That includes Evie Nista ’27 (pics 1-2), a Marketing major minoring in Communications and Fashion Studies. She walked for Coach, marking her second season at Fashion Week with the brand after walking in its February 2023 show. Molly Quinn Hefner ’24 (3-4) walked for Melis By Sahar Al Aufi during Runway 7’s September 7 showcase. Molly, a double major in Dance and Media and Arts Management, has walked in Fashion Week since 2022. #MMCProud #GoGriffins
New York Fashion Week just ended, but we?ll be celebrating Griffins who graced the catwalk this y...
New York Fashion Week just ended, but we’ll be celebrating Griffins who graced the catwalk this year for a very long time! 📸 1-3: Musical Theatre major London Riley ’24 walked in Buckethead Productions’ NYFW show at the Brooklyn Museum on Sept. 7. Buckethead, a handmade crochet line created by designer Jake Leone, scouted her on Instagram, setting the stage for her runway debut. “I’ve been doing plus-size modeling since I was 15,” London said. “I had my first big brand deal, with Forever 21, when I was 17. But runway modeling was new for me and totally over my head! I was constantly asking Jake, ‘Is this too much? Should I put my arms up? And they literally were like, ‘Please just enjoy it. You’re gonna do great.’” Her Musical Theatre training was a big help, too.  “Modeling brings a different kind of nervousness than being in musicals or plays,” she said. “But it’s still a performance, and the skills carry over. I was able to be a lot freer and fun on the stage because of my theatre experience.” 📸 4-7: Dance and Journalism major Harley Fleschner ’27 had modeled for dance photographers for years. But when she was 14, her mom posted a picture from one of the shoots that caught the eye of Florida-based designer Kallee Jackson. “Kallee saw it and cast me in her runway show, and I’ve been modeling for her ever since,” Harley said. “She’s been an amazing mentor for me.” Harley walked in Kallee’s New York Fashion Week show in February, will be traveling with her to London Fashion Week 2024, and has become the face of Kallee’s fashion house Maison De Kallee Jackson. Harley’s also modeled for the designer Sabre Mochachino. “Modeling has taught me so much about using my angles, presenting myself, and being able to express what the clothing makes me feel,” she said. “It’s another beautiful art form that I am blessed to be able to integrate into my life. I am deeply grateful.” #MMCProud! Griffins: If you walked in Fashion Week, too, DM us your pics!
MMC love! ? @nbcchicagotoday host and MMC alum Matthew Rodrigues ’04 remembers being Annaleigh As...
MMC love! 💙 @nbcchicagotoday host and MMC alum Matthew Rodrigues ’04 remembers being Annaleigh Ashford ’05’s resident advisor back in the day. And when he went to check out his old buddy’s show—she’s starring in @sweeneytoddbway 🔪 of course—he wasn’t alone. Their whole @mmcreslife crew turned out, too! Here they are, in a straight line from left: Misty Robleto, former Director of Residence Life; Maran Garland ’05, former RA and resident director; Ashford, who is also a former RA; Yolanda Cruz, a former resident director; and Rodrigues. #MMCProud #GoGriffins
Our campus tour guides are ready! And, starting this month, MMC will be offering a Spanish-langua...
Our campus tour guides are ready! And, starting this month, MMC will be offering a Spanish-language tour, so native speakers and their families can learn about us in whichever language they feel most comfortable with. To RSVP, email Admissions Counselor Emily Taylor-Madrid at or call 212-517-0443. ¡Nuestros guías de visita están listos para mostrarles la universidad! Y, a partir de este mes, MMC les ofrecerá la oportunidad de una visita guiada en español para que las personas hispano parlantes y sus familiares puedan aprender más sobre nuestra universidad en el idioma en que ustedes se sientan más cómodos. Para registrarse a este evento, pueden llamar directamente al numero: 212-517-0443, o envíe un correo electrónico a la consejera de admisiones Emily Taylor-Madrid a  #GoGriffins #Campustours #spanish #collegesearch
This will never get old ?. Welcome to the new semester, Griffins!  #NewSemester #newacademicyear ...
This will never get old 😂. Welcome to the new semester, Griffins! #NewSemester #newacademicyear #GoGriffins
Welcome to Fall ’23 Griffins! #NewSemester #newacademicyear
Welcome to Fall ’23 Griffins! #NewSemester #newacademicyear