Dance and Movement Courses

Available online in June 2020

Marymount Manhattan’s Ferraro Institute for Breakthrough Civic Leadership presents virtual workshops designed and led by Dr. Martha Eddy, Visiting Artist-in-Residence and Ferraro Fellow on Social Justice and Movement.


Martha Eddy

Dr. Eddy is an international advocate of somatic movement education and therapy, as well as somatic movement dance education. She is the author of Mindful Movement: The Evolution of the Somatic Arts and Conscious Action and a lecturer on embodied cognition, eco-somatics, the interaction of neuro-motor and socio-emotional development, and the role of the body and movement in peace education and violence prevention. She co-founded the Moving On Center  in 1994 with Carol Swann in order to bridge somatic awareness with social change.


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Two-Day Weekend Workshop

DANC/PHR INT 03 Socially Conscious Body: Negotiations in Tight Places
June 6 & 7, 2020 11 am to 5:00 pm

 This virtual, 10-hour, weekend workshop explores the relationship between inner-embodied experiences and the social systems that impact human lives with an emphasis on personal, cultural, and social adjustments of the body and mind during the quarantine.

The Socially Conscious Body (SCB) operates with the understanding that the individual person and his/her/their body or “soma” is not separate from its experience in the social context that shapes it. The exploration of the SCB is the relationship between inner embodied experiences and the social systems that impact human lives. In this study together, we consciously activate awareness of our socialized bodies to transform internalized, relational, structural and cultural conditions that impede personal and institutional wellness. Featuring guest lecturers Jeremiah Kyle Drake, Carol Swann, and Rebecca Pinard.

With Guest lecturers

 J. DrakeDr. Eddy will be joined by guest lecturer Jeremiah Kyle Drake, a visual and Theatre of the Oppressed facilitator or “Joker,” who hails from Syracuse New York. After studying Classical Singing at Los Angeles City College, he used his talents as a vocal artist, he then worked as an actor with the Imagination Theatre and the Windy City Players of Chicago.

Returning to New York, he then performed with the H.A.D.L.EY. Players of Harlem and since the year 2000, has been the Artistic Director of the Theatre of the Oppressed Uptown at the historic Riverside Church in Harlem.


Carol SwannAlso joining Dr. Eddy is Carol Swann (RSMT/RSME via ISMETA & NSTAT), a teacher, private practitioner, process & conflict facilitator, co-director/founder, performer and activist.  She has taught Voice, Somatics,  Contact and Performance Improvisation, Alexander Technique and Authentic Movement for 35 years in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Israel and Russia. She is a co-founder and Director of Moving On Center School of Participatory Arts and Somatic Education which links somatics and the performing arts for social change (1994-current). 


Short Course

DANC/NEU INT 02: (re) Learning to Move: An Experiential Journey of NeuroMotor Development and its Meaning Today
June 15-18, 2020 11:30 am to 2:00 pm

 Come prepared to act, clown around, dance, and be like a baby or a bear, and you will learn how your brain and body inform your behavior. In this 10-hour, four-day course, we investigate our movement in relationship to our personalities, our interactive style, and unique surrounding conditions. We practice skills that we might have missed or never fully mastered such as moving with agility along the floor, and quadrupedally on hands and knees, or hands and feet and explore how these skills relate to everyday posture and walking as well as practicing dance, martial arts, physical theatre, and yoga.  Featuring guest lecturers Deirtra Hunter, Andy Warshaw, and Drew Leder.


Program COSTS

DANC/PHR INT OL03: Socially Conscious Body (noncredit)

10 Hours of Instruction

June 6-7, 2020

Application Deadline: 5/28/2020


DANC/NEU INT OL02:  (re)Learning to Move (noncredit)

10 Hours of Instruction

 June 15-18, 2020

Application Deadline: 6/4/2020


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