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College Honors Program

Congratulations to our College Honors Program students!

  • Madison Weisend ’20, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in South Korea for AY 2020-21
  • Nolin Wagner ’19, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Uzbekistan for AY 2019-20
  • Asma Rathod ’20, Gilman Scholarship Recipient for Fall 2019!
  • Maria Andrews ’17, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia for AY 2017-18
  • Madison Weisend ’20, Boren Scholar in India for AY 2017-18 


Orientation for New CHP Students

Wednesday, 4 September 2024

1:00-2:00 pm

Regina Peruggi Room


Information Session on the College Honors Program  

Wednesday, 6 November 2024

[Advisement day for Juniors & Seniors; all classes are cancelled]

1:00-1:30 pm via Zoom

Email Prof. Bell ( for hyperlink


Student Testimonials on the Success of the College Honors Program

  • “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in MMC’s College Honors Program. I recommend this program to other MMC students because it provides them with deeper learning opportunities. Not only did I feel challenged as a student in this program, I also felt that was I able to access information about fields of study other than my major.  Coming out of this program, I feel as though I am a more cultured and educated member of the society I live in. I am well versed in deeper areas of art, literature, history, and the sciences. The skills I have learned make me feel better equipped to understand the world around me and communicate with others.” —Molly Brennan, ’24
  • “I am so grateful for the opportunities the College Honors Program provided for me. I found a level of care in each course that was unmatched—be it the students showing up with questions or the professors who were so willing to dive deeper and explore how the class’s interests could shape the material. I felt supported while learning and invigorated to keep doing so. I wholeheartedly recommend taking CHP courses and believe they are responsible for making my college experience feel familiar yet entirely new.” —Tera Picente, ’22
  • “Being a part of the College Honors Program has truly heightened my academic experience at MMC. I have met some of my favorite professors and forged new friendships with like-minded students. Some of my most memorable moments in the classroom have come from my CHP courses. I am so thankful to have been a part of the program.”  — Paige Cowen ’20
  • “It has been an amazing experience to part of the College Honors Program. All of the CHP courses challenged me intellectually and creatively, while also providing me with the most rewarding conversations, projects, and curricula. The professors were inspiring, and their passion for each subject and the small class sizes helped to advance the work of all of the students in the classes. I am so happy to be graduating with CHP honors and to have been part of a rigorous program that furthered my appreciation for learning.” — Nick Nazzaro ’20
  • “My CHP courses have always been a wonderful and enriching experience. I poignantly remember the CHP field trip to the Whitney Biennial in Spring 2017. We looked at art reflecting the 2016 election—an experience that I still use as an important reference point for artistic activism in my Political Science courses. I am so happy to have been a part of the CHP, and will forever cherish the personal and professional bonds that it gave me.” — Madison Weisend ’20
  • “I really enjoyed my experience in the College Honors Program as it pushed me to take classes outside of my elected major. In doing this, I was able to meet amazing professors and students I would not have otherwise, as well as take courses that were incredibly interesting, informative, and intellectually challenging.”  Leeann Minard ’20
  • “I am beyond grateful to have been able to take courses that provide the prime setting for building on critical thinking skills. CHP courses broadened my interest in new topics, such as Art History, Philosophy, and Chinese Ghost Stories, and after taking each course with CHP, I continued studying the subjects independently.”  Asma Rathod ’20
  • “I’ve found all of my honors courses to be incredibly enriching, and the smaller class sizes have enabled me to build closer relationships with my professors. As someone who is entering the work force within the next year or so, I think the College Honors Program has helped me to become a lifelong learner and a better worker who is truly interested in what she does, who knows how to work hard, how to do in-depth research and understand different topics, and who can formulate well-developed opinions.”  — Nicole Marlin ’16



Marymount Manhattan College (MMC) educates and empowers all of its students by providing environments for intellectual and creative development. Students take an active role in their education. They examine not only what they are taught but also how they receive, create, and share ideas with others. The College Honors Program (CHP) serves students who want and need a learning environment that is enriched with even greater academic and creative challenges, and who will work and learn with students seeking similar experiences. 

What is the College Honors Program?

To complete their General Education requirements, all MMC students need to take at least one course from each of the following categories:

  •  Writing requirement (WRIT 101 and 102 or WRIT 201)
  • Math requirement
  • New York City Seminar
  • Social Justice Seminar
  • 100-/200-level class outside declared major
  • Scientific Literacy Seminar
  • Race & Ethnicity Seminar
  • MMC Seminars (2 courses)

The designation “CHP” is used to identify honors courses housed within the General Education curriculum.  Certain General Education courses are designated as “CHP” sections. For example, a standard section of  EWL 228-01 will give you credit as a Social Justice Seminar; the CHP section, coded EWL 228-HP01, will give you credit as a Social Justice Seminar and a CHP section. 

By comparison to standard courses, the work required of students in CHP courses is more academically and/or creatively demanding, and class sizes are generally smaller.    

To complete the CHP, CHP students take at least six (6) of their nine (9) or ten (10) General Education courses as CHP sections. (The number of General Education requirements depends on whether or not the student takes WRIT 101 & 102 or WRIT 201.) CHP students may take any variety of lower-level and upper-level CHP sections to complete the program. CHP students may also take any level of CHP section at any time, so long as they have completed any course prerequisites that may be in place for an upper-level seminar. 

For essential information on the CHP, click here.

Fall 2024 CHP sections

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the CHP. All CHP policy remains at the discretion of the CHP Director and the CHP Committee.

The Magic of Mentoring

In Fall 2017, the CHP began a new Mentoring Initiative, in which CHP Juniors mentor First-year CHP students. The older students share advice and answer questions on how to navigate the first year of college. The pairs work together for two years, at which point the First-year student, now a Junior, begins to mentor a new First-year student. We are pleased to report that the CHP Mentoring Initiative is going strong in its third year. We look forward to many exciting years of mentoring ahead! Here are recent photos of CHP Mentors and Mentees.

For help with additional questions, contact:

Dr. Adrienne Baxter Bell 
Professor of Art History                                                                                                                                                      Director, College Honors Program                                                                                                                          Coordinator, Honors in the Major                                                                                                                                              Director, External Student Scholarships   

Professor Michael Salmon
Assistant Vice President/Dean of Academic Excellence and Senior Advisor to the President

If you are an incoming student, please contact:

Office of Admission

The College Honors Program is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council.


Dr. Adrienne Baxter Bell
Professor of Art History
Director, College Honors Program
(212) 517-0676;

Professor Michael Salmon
Dean of Academic Advisement