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    Why Study Body, Science, and Motion?

    Do you want a career as a Physical Therapist? A Dance Therapist? Body, Science, and Motion creates an opportunity to combine dance with a scientific foundation. Additional career paths include Osteopathy, Somatic Movement Therapist, researcher, educator, and more, while simultaneously engaging in a rigorous dance training program.

    Why Study Body, Science, and Motion at MMC?

    You will weave together professional caliber dance training with the robust science and psychology programs at the College. In other words, you will be taking full advantage of the interdisciplinary excellence of an MMC education. If you’re interested in the intersection of somatics and social justice, you can also combine the combine the concentration with studies in the Politics and Human Rights department. Our NYC location gives you access to internships with noted practitioners and medical institutions in Manhattan, providing you with cutting-edge experience and opportunities in the field.

    What You Will Learn

    • You will demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the science of the body and mind in motion.
    • You will be prepared to enter numerous clinical and/or research fields with the specialized knowledge of how to work with dancers in relation to the wellness of their bodies and minds.
    • You will be able to advocate for embodiment, kinesthetic experience, and somatic awareness as key components of scientific research and its applications to the many facets of human wellness.

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    Dancing at Distancing

    With the reopening of MMC’s Main Campus during the Fall 2020 semester, the Department of Dance was challenged with continuing instruction in a discipline characterized by live performance. Following the Virtual/Open Campus model of education, dance instruction persevered via the addition of new equipment, implementation of health and safety protocols, and the determination of MMC students and faculty.

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