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    Why Study Jazz Dance?

    Get ready for your Broadway debut. Prep yourself for a Radio City audition to become a Rockette. New York City is the place to learn jazz dance. Our faculty are working professionals in the industry, and you will make personal connections with choreographers and directors in the field.

    Why Study Jazz Dance at MMC?

    Jazz dance at MMC is much more than just jazz and tap. You will study multiple genres of dance in our versatile program. In one course, for example, you will explore forms that originated in the African diasporic tradition and learn how these have influenced contemporary dance, including hip-hop/vernacular forms. With a more comprehensive understanding of the genre, you will have one foot in the robust history of jazz dance and another in its electrifying physical present.

    What You Will Learn

    • You will demonstrate a knowledge of jazz as an art form, and you will be able to apply this knowledge to concert dance, theater, industrials, film, and television.
    • You will understand and embody a variety of jazz styles from classical to modern jazz to hip-hop groove fundamentals.
    • You will demonstrate through execution a basic understanding of various traditional West African dances, and you will analyze the impact of West African dance as a cultural art form.
    • You will learn to articulate hip-hop culture/dance origins including the elements of hip-hop culture (b-boy/b-girl, mc, dj, and graffiti). You will appreciate the commonalities and differences among these unique dance forms.




    Dancing at a Distance

    With the reopening of MMC’s Main Campus during the Fall 2020 semester, Dance was challenged with continuing instruction in a discipline characterized by live performance. Following the Virtual/Open Campus model of education, dance instruction persevered via the addition of new equipment, implementation of health and safety protocols, and the determination of MMC students and faculty.


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