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    Why Study Teaching Dance Arts?

    After you learn a dance, what’s your next step? Are you the type who wants to show others how to do what you did? Do you love to share your knowledge and experience with the next generation? Do you see yourself opening your own dance studio? The Teaching Dance Arts concentration will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to transform you from student into teacher.

    Why Study Teaching Dance Arts at MMC?

    The teaching concentration at MMC offers the fundamental and practical knowledge of various dance techniques, principles of music, anatomy, curriculum development, and pedagogy. You will learn to incorporate the National Dance Education Standards for dance in the arts for levels from children through pre-professionals. You will broaden your perspective of what dance can do for individuals and the role that dance education can play in the enrichment of lifelong learning. Thanks to MMC’s New York City location, you will have the opportunity to intern at studios throughout the city and work directly with teachers in the field, making connections and preparing yourself for dance careers after graduation.

    What You Will Learn

    You will understand how knowledge of vocabulary, movement principles, anatomical concepts, artistry, and aesthetic values can be incorporated into the teaching of dance techniques.

    You will understand and employ technical and physical principles and create an anatomically sound class with logical progressions and concrete goals as well as understand and utilize the potential benefits of dance education.


    • As an international student from Bolivia, I strive to utilize my art and knowledge, as well as my culture as an outlet to generate social impact, awareness, and meaningful entertainment. Marymount Manhattan College has helped me grow as an artist, individual, and professional on so many levels.

      Paulina Eid Harasic ’21

      Class of 2021, B.A. in Business with concentration in Advertising and Promotion and B.A. in Dance with a concentration in Teaching Dance Arts.  

      Meet Paulina
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    Dancing at a Distance

    With the reopening of MMC’s Main Campus during the Fall 2020 semester, the Department of Dance was challenged with continuing instruction in a discipline characterized by live performance. Following the Virtual/Open Campus model of education, dance instruction persevered via the addition of new equipment, implementation of health and safety protocols, and the determination of MMC students and faculty.


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