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Congratulations to AY 2020-21 Fulbright Teaching Assistant Nathalie Diller , ’20!

Congratulations to AY 2020-21 Fulbright Teaching Assistant Madison Weisend  ’20! 

Congratulations to AY 2019-20 Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Nolin Wagner  ’19! 

Congratulations to Asma Rathod  ’20, winner of a Fall 2019 Gilman Scholarship!



Marymount Manhattan College students with a GPA of 3.3 or higher are invited to apply for external student scholarships. The Boren Scholarship funds one year of study abroad in a country in which English is not the first language or not widely spoken; it also provides opportunities for intensive foreign language immersion in the US. The Fulbright English Teaching Assistant program places students in classrooms outside of the US, where they assist local teachers and serve as cultural ambassadors. Marshall Scholarships, for which students must have a GPA of 3.7 or higher, fund two years of graduate study at UK universities.   Gilman scholarships fund study abroad for Pell Grant recipients. All candidates must be U.S. citizens to apply for these four grants.

This website provides information on Boren, Fulbright, Marshall, and Gilman awards. The material has been largely derived from the respective websites of these awards; it is by no means complete. See the websites below and recipients’ blogs for additional information that will help you as you consider applying or as you write your application.



The External Student Scholarships program is run by Adrienne Baxter Bell, Ph.D. , Professor of Art History and Director, College Honors Program. All students who apply for one of these four scholarships will work closely with Prof. Bell throughout the application process. Each applicant must meet the Campus Deadline for her award. For information on Campus Deadlines, see the Timeline below. To reach Prof. Bell, email







 For additional information, consult the bulletin board on External Student Scholarships/ College Honors Program on the 3rd floor of Carson Hall, outside of The Commons.             


During the Spring and Summer 2020 semesters, Prof. Bell is holding several information sessions on External Student Scholarships via Zoom. To join one of these sessions, please email          


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Recipients of Boren and Fulbright Awards –       Marymount Manhattan College

Boren Scholarship

AY 2011-12 Alvin Young, ’13 to study French and Arabic in Morocco

AY 2012-13


AY 2014-15




 AY 2017-18


AY 2017-18




AY 2018-19

Katelyn (Katie) Sives, ’13


Christophe (Kit) Horita, ’15




 Arkadia Pereklita, ’20


Madison Weisend, ’20




Amne Madi, ’19


to study sustainable development and food security in Fortaleza and Belem, Brazil                                       

to study Kiswahili and Sociology in Tanzania and Kenya; award includes the eight-week African Languages Initiative Domestic Summer Intensive Program at the University of Florida, Gainesville

(Alternate): to study Literature and Zulu in South Africa

to study sustainable agriculture and Hindi in Jaipur, India; award includes the eight-week South Asian Flagships Language Initiative (SAFLI) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

to study Arabic at Noor Majan Arabic Institute in Oman


Fulbright - English Teaching Assistantships

AY 2012-13 Ricardo Soares, ’12 Recipient: English Teaching Assistantship: Macau
AY 2013-14 Annabelle Royer, ’13 Recipient: English Teaching Assistantship: Taiwan

AY 2013-14


AY 2014-15

AY 2015-16


AY 2017-18


AY 2018-19

AY 2019-20


AY 2020-21


AY 2020-21

Omar Bahar, ’13


Kiley Griffith, ’14

Diante Webb, ’15


Maria Andrews, ’17


Kelly Tarbell, ’18

Nolin Wagner, ’19


Madison Weisend, ’20


Nathalie Diller, ’20

English Teaching Assistantship (Alternate): Sri Lanka

English Teaching Assistantship (Alternate): Brazil

English Teaching Assistantship (Alternate): Taiwan

Recipient: English Teaching Assistantship: Malaysia

English Teaching Assistantship (Alternate): Thailand

Recipient: English Teaching Assistantship: Uzbekistan

Recipient: English Teaching            Assistantship: South Korea

                                                        Recipient: English Teaching Assistantship: Czech Republic 



Spring 2012

Fall 2014

Spring 2015

Fall 2019

Fall 2019


Jaleh Rendall

Karma Drolma

Emily Garcia

Asma Rathod, ’20

Khiarra Johnston 


Study in France

Study in China

Study in Thailand

Study in Thessaloniki, Greece

Study in Seoul, South Korea

An Update on our External Student Scholarship Recipients 

Maria Andrews in Malaysia 





Based in the Tanah Merah Secondary School in Malaysia’s state of Kedah, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Maria Andrews, ’17, spent AY 2017-18 educating her students, building relationships with members of her community, and exploring Malaysian culture. She was featured in the local news channel’s Kami Sayang Teacher series, which introduces 12 of the 100 ETAs in Malaysia. Check out the video below for a glimpse into Maria’s daily life and favorite experiences as an ETA:  


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

On 5 April 2019, AY 2017-18 Boren Scholarship recipient Madison Weisend, ’20—seen above during her year in India—presented a poster at the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities (SENCER) conference at the New School in Greenwich Village. The theme of the conference was “STEM, Humanities & Social Justice: Innovations in Education.” Madison developed the research for her poster, “Exploring water scarcity through the dynamics of social power: The case of the Thar Desert,” during her year as a Boren Scholar. Madison is completing a double major in in Environmental Studies  and Politics & Human Rights .

Annabelle Royer, '13, Fulbright Teaching Assistant in Taiwan for AY 2013-14, shown with her boss,... Annabelle Royer, '13, Fulbright Teaching Assistant in Taiwan for AY 2013-14, shown with her boss,...

Annabelle Royer, ’13, Fulbright Teaching Assistant in Taiwan for AY 2013-14, shown above with her boss, Mr. Young, who is the principal at her school, and teaching her students how to read English. Photos courtesy of Annabelle Royer.

If you decide to pursue one of these grants, you must work with and seek advice from your faculty advisers. You will also meet regularly with Prof. Bell.

Prof. Adrienne Baxter Bell
Professor of Art History
Director, College Honors Program 
Director, External Student Scholarships
Rm: Carson 704 
Ph: 212-517-0676

The Campus Evaluation Committee for External Student Scholarships:             

Prof. Adrienne Baxter Bell  (Chair)                                                                                                    

Prof. Lauren Brown (on leave Fall 2020)

Prof. Cecilia Feilla

Prof. Andy Warshaw

Please also consult with:                                                                                                       

Ms. Cynthia Sittler, Study Abroad Coordinator                                            Email:                                                                                                          
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