General Education Curriculum

We drew upon the goals of a liberal arts foundation when we developed the sequence of courses that comprise the general education curriculum, these courses are designed to help you develop the skills and competencies you will require for success in college and throughout your lives.

Every Marymount Manhattan student completes fundamental skills courses (including the Writing Seminar Sequence and Mathematics) and is expected to make progress toward the achievement of the following learning goals:

  • To communicate effectively as a reader, a speaker, a writer;
  • to exhibit critical thinking and problem solving skills;
  • to research, analyze, and synthesize information;
  • to apply quantitative reasoning skills.

Marymount’s General Education Requirement has three components totaling 42 credits:

1) Foundation Courses (9 credits)
2) Disciplinary Studies (15 credits)
3) Advanced Interdisciplinary Perspectives (18 credits)

More details available in the Academic Catalogue.