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    Why Study Religious Studies?

    Think before you act, and dare to be wise. Gain perspective on the art of living, the right and wrong, and ways to flourish and create the world anew. Ask your questions, hear others, and take a stance. Explore religious studies with us at MMC. 

    Why Study Religious Studies at MMC?

    Religious Studies at MMC is an integrated program that introduces you to the depths of the world’s wisdom, but always in light of pressing contemporary concerns. Our program focuses on the thematic exploration of world religions and the global philosophical tradition, grounded in MMC’s unique New York identity. Religious inquiry is taken to the streets of NYC; our study of religion happens in the real, sacred spaces of the city. We process our discoveries in small classes and in close connection with deeply committed faculty. It all works together: in the Religious Studies program, you will explore the diverse range of people’s perspectives, gaining cultural literacy and critical thinking skills that are directed towards ethical reflection and social engagement. 

    What You Will Learn

    • Identify concerns at the heart of human experience, especially those pertaining to the fundamental nature of reality, knowledge, and values
    • Articulate the way religious communities have addressed these concerns throughout history, in relation to other social and cultural forces
    • Respond to these issues yourself, building on a firm foundation of cultural literacy, analytic method, and critical intelligence


    History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies

    Department Chair
    Bradley Herling

    Program Highlights

    Religious Studies at MMC goes beyond the standard narrative and brings together global traditions with consideration of pressing, contemporary issues, such as racial injustice, gender and sexuality, and the state of contemporary politics.

    You will get to know your faculty right away: no massive lecture halls and no classes taught by TAs. We know your interests and build the curriculum and classes around them.

    Our curriculum is flexible and open: nearly 3 out of 4 of our students double-major or complete at least one minor. Religious Studies brings perspective, innovation, and critical thinking skills to your studies in other areas.

    • The Philosophy and Religious Studies major taught me how to think critically and helped me develop reasoning skills which I use daily working in television. I find that the skills taught are easily transferable to a variety of careers. Further, the faculty were very supportive and instrumental in guiding me towards career development and growth as an individual during my time at Marymount.

      Kenan Hunter ’18

      Class of 2018, Double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies and Digital Media and Video Production

      Meet Kenan
    • Majoring in philosophy and religious studies helped to broaden my perspective on the many ethical and philosophical considerations that arise when working in the hospital and improved my insight into patients from different cultures. I highly recommend this path for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the world around them and more importantly, an increased ability to analyze and describe it

      Griffin Elzey ’19

      Class of 2019, Double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies and Biomedical Sciences

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    Careers and Outcomes

    job titles

    • Actor
    • Attorney (Entertainment, Divorce)
    • Client Services Manager (Music Industry)
    • College Professor
    • High School Teacher
    • Investment Banker
    • Production Coordinator
    • Singer/Songwriter
    • Writer/Producer
    • Yoga Instructor/Holistic Therapist


    • Action Group Network
    • L.A. Tech and Media Law
    • TD Securities
    • Vice Media

    graduate schools

    • Columbia University
    • CUNY Graduate Center
    • George Mason School of Law
    • Indiana University School of Medicine
    • London School of Economics
    • The New School
    • Princeton University
    • Seton Hall University Law School
    • The University of Chicago
    • Villanova University School of Law

    Religious Studies Alumna Kiley Reid ’10 Publishes Debut Novel, “Such a Fun Age”

    Reid’s New York Times best-selling novel, Such a Fun Age, has drawn significant praise for its discussions of the intersections of race, class, and transactional relationships. Set in Philadelphia, the novel follows young black babysitter Emira, who is unfairly accused of kidnapping her two-year-old charge, Briar, and the subsequent reckoning with issues of class, money, and race. The novel explores transactional relationships, what it means to make someone “family,” and the complicated reality of adulthood. 

    Read more about Kiley Reid ’10

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