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    Why Study Race and Antiracism?

    Race and Antiracism is an interdisciplinary minor that promotes antiracist thought and action. Students will study how society, culture, politics and, the economy organize and produce historically contingent concepts of “race” and their intersection with other forms of social difference, including, but not limited to, class, gender, and nationality.

    Why Study Race and Antiracism at MMC?

    Students will apply their understanding of racist structures to develop anti-racist projects and practices, with the goal of transforming our College and society. The internal logic of the minor requires that students progress from required core courses that introduce the history and theory of race, to more specialized, discipline-specific ones.

    What You Will Learn

    • Demonstrate an understanding of the history and development of concepts of race
    • Engage in critical analysis of the construction and deployment of racial concepts in diverse cultural and historical contexts
    • Engage in critical analysis of racist beliefs, practices, and institutions (systemic and structural racism)
    • Interrogate whiteness and white supremacy at the core of racist beliefs, practices, and institutions
    • Demonstrate understanding of contemporary literature on anti-racism
    • Learn to develop and engage in successful anti-racist strategies


    Program Highlights

    Pride Parade
    The Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) minor is a multidisciplinary program that empowers students to be socially responsible global citizens by understanding gender roles and sexual identities across cultures and history. Utilizing feminist, constructivist, and queer approaches, the GSS minor allows students to explore the impact of social, cultural, political and economic phenomena on the production and maintenance of sexuality and gender.
    You will be supported by a team of three full-time faculty members who will help you construct your programs, guide your progress, and advise on capstone projects.
    In consultation with instructor and/or advisor, Race and Anti-Racism minors will either a) transform an upper-level course that counts towards minor requirements into a capstone experience with enhanced assignments, or b) set up an Independent Study that will count towards the minor credit requirements via substitution.



    The Sojourner Truth Suffrage Academy 

    Designed to give students the opportunity to explore the history of enfranchisement in the United States and beyond, the Academy offers connection- and immersion-level courses, from American History classes to Black Female Sexuality in Film, Photography and Social Engagement, and The Social Psychology of Dress, among others. The Academy also offers a robust speaker series and collaborates with MMC’s renowned Prison Education programs.

    Learn more about the Sojourner Truth Suffrage Academy 

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