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    Why Study Applied Mathematics?

    Applied mathematics deals with mathematical methods that are widely used in science, engineering, business, medicine, computer science, and industry. Career in applied mathematics is more than just crunching numbers. It’s being able to use mathematics to solve real-life problems and make an impact in the world. You have strong quantitative skills and want to foster your mathematical knowledge to apply these skills to various disciplines. Wherever your ambitions lie—in the sciences, business, arts, finance, or just about any other field—Applied Mathematics minor will equip you with skills that stand out. 

    Why Study Applied Mathematics at MMC?

    Mathematical talent and training can make a difference in your career, and our liberal arts curriculum combines interdisciplinary coursework with the mathematical skillsets that will give you an edge in any profession, in any industry. MMC’s Applied Mathematics program stands out with its academic flexibility, letting you choose the electives that best complement your major. You’ll be well-equipped with the creative thinking skills for success in the workforce and solving real-world problems. Based in our New York City campus, we offer small class sizes that create great opportunities for student-faculty collaborations and experiential learning. Completing a minor in Applied Mathematics will enhance your degree and will help differentiate you from others with the same degree when competing for positions in private industry or graduate schools.

    What You Will Learn

    Upon completing the Applied Mathematics minor, students will be able to:

    • Apply advanced mathematics to other disciplines such as biology, physics, biomedical sciences, business, marketing, economics, computer sciences
    • Use technology for solving problems. At MMC, you’ll have the opportunity to analyze the world through modeling and interface building applications used by professionals in various industries. Our program has you dive into visual programming languages for system dynamics modeling such as STELLA, statistical software such as R and SPSS, and discrete algebra software such as GAP.
    • Solve mathematical problems requiring creativity and insight. While careers in mathematics may differ widely, one thing remains constant—problem-solving. Mapping the human genome, digital imaging, medical diagnosis use sophisticated mathematical tools.
    • Communicate mathematical ideas clearly. A vital skill at any point in your career, the minor will teach you to communicate your mathematical thinking coherently and clearly to your peers, teachers, and others.


    Department of Mathematics
    Carson Hall, 6th floor

    For questions, contact:
    Lia Leon Margolin, Ph.D.
    Chair, Department of Mathematics
    (212) 517-0656

    Program Highlights

    Student using laptop computer on the Lowerre Terrace

    MMC’s state-of-the-art software will enhance your critical thinking abilities in real-world contexts. Collect real data to model dynamics of life: spreading epidemics, predator-prey systems, the cycling of elements within ecosystems, modeling economic processes in complex systems and many other applications.

    National Museum of Mathematics

    Less than three miles away from MMC’s Main Campus, you’re encouraged to apply to internship opportunities at the National Museum of Mathematics. These internships not only epitomize how the Applied Mathematics minor is used in the professional workplace, but also highlights the role of mathematics in illuminating the patterns and structures all around us.

    Partnering with award-winning professors, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in faculty-led research projects, present at undergraduate research conferences, and publish in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.


    Careers and Outcomes

    Organizations of all industries need mathematicians and computational scientists. Graduates of MMC’s Applied Mathematics minor have become professional actuaries, data analysts, and operations research analysts involved in all aspects of business management: logistics, resource allocation, production schedule development, and supply chain management. There are currently a healthy range of job opportunities for applied math minors according to data supplied by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs involving significant mathematical background also consistently rank near the top of the list in annual career surveys


    • Actuary
    • Quantitative Data Analyst
    • Business and Financial Analyst
    • Operations Research Analyst
    • Analytics Manager
    • Applied Mathematics Researcher
    • Economist


    • Insurance companies
    • Analytics and forecasting organizations
    • Financial service and investment management firms
    • Medical service companies
    • Government labs, research offices, and agencies

    π-Day at MMC

    Every year, the Department of Mathematics holds a College-wide π-Day contest. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to submit an original sentence, paragraph, poem, or short story that uses the digits of π in order (π ≈ 3.1415926…). Student entries are judged on cleverness, interest, and length, while bonus points are awarded for mathematical references, including famous mathematicians.

    Read more about π-Day at MMC here

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