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    Why Study Environmental Health?

    You’ll get a thorough education in the biological sciences while focusing on an environmental health career-centered track, specifically designed for students looking to pursue careers in biology. Whether you want to work in a health lab as a technician, or on the vanguard of local or federal government work for environmental protection, you’ll be ready. Let the environmental health concentration spark your interest in pursuing graduate school, immersing you in research in areas like water supply quality, air and noise pollution, environmental toxicology, and ethics.

    Why Study Environmental Health at MMC?

    The Environmental Health concentration is a unique program that gives you the opportunity to explore many different subjects in biology while also choosing a pathway towards a career in environmental health. You’ll have a personalized, hands-on learning experience due to small class sizes, particularly in biology and chemistry labs. You’ll interact with and learn from faculty across the College—including social sciences, dance, psychology, and politics—in this multi-disciplinary major. The Natural Sciences department will help you connect to local internship opportunities and a vast network of alumni with successful careers in the biological sciences.

    What You Will Learn

    In the Environmental Health concentration, you’ll learn to:

    • Explain the multiple determinants of human health and well-being from a multidisciplinary perspective.
    • Apply the principles of human biology to the physiological and biochemical aspects of human health.
    • Display competency in career-related skills needed to enter the workforce.
    • Demonstrate appropriate training and preparedness for the pursuit of post-baccalaureate careers, advanced degrees, or professional programs.
    • Effectively communicate scientific information orally and in writing.


    Alessandra Leri, Ph.D.,
    Chair of Natural Sciences

    Program Highlights

    Just steps away from Central Park, MMC is the perfect place to enjoy summer in New York City.

    You don’t have to wait until graduation to begin your career. Gain hands-on experience at some of New York’s premier biomedical facilities like Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Columbia University, and the American Museum of Natural History.

    Our small class sizes provide the opportunity for individualized learning. You’ll interact with faculty and fellow students, both in and out of the classroom, sharing ideas and concerns, and making close friendships. You’ll become part of a close-knit group of faculty and students.
    Listening to a presentation on Honors Day 2013
    Put your own hypotheses to the test. The labs in our campus are available to you for your own independent research. Our faculty members will become your mentors as they guide you through your projects.

    Careers and Outcomes

    The environmental health concentration can help you on your way to careers including:

    Job titles

    • Environmental Health and Safety Manager
    • Disaster Management Specialist
    • Air/Water Pollution Scientist
    • Environmental Toxicologist
    • Environmental Health Educator


    • Environmental Health and Safety Manager
    • Disaster Management Specialist
    • Air/Water Pollution Scientist
    • Environmental Toxicologist
    • Environmental Health Educator

    You’ll also find helpful career resources at the Center for Health, Human Development, and Creativity, a transdisciplinary hub for students interested in health-related fields. It supports you through your educational and professional journey, connecting you to internships, research opportunities, and more.

    Take a Tour of the Natural Sciences Department

    Elizabeth Scott ’21 and Jade Johnsamson ’22 take you on a virtual tour of the labs and classrooms that make up the Natural Sciences Department. See why our facilities and small class sizes give you the kind of practical lab experience you want.

    Take a tour of the Natural Sciences Department

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