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Pre-Law Cluster

Passionate about the justice system? Engaged by the study of government, business, or activism? Law school may be the right path for you. And Marymount Manhattan has the resources to prepare you.

There is no specific major required for law school applicants. Any major that promotes foundational skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, oral and written expression, research and assimilation of complex data, and understanding of diverse perspectives can serve as an excellent foundation for law school.

But beyond the major, MMC students can enhance a law school application by taking courses within the MMC Pre-law Cluster.

Below we have distinguished Foundational courses in the cluster—those that focus on content and skills that are directly relevant for all law school students—and Specialized courses—those that focus on specific and closely related areas of inquiry related to law.

The cluster is not a fixed curriculum or set of requirements; students can pick and choose from the list in connection with their own interests and scheduling needs. All of these courses are offered on a regular basis, yearly or at most every two years, and almost all of them fulfill requirements in the MMC General Education curriculum.

Foundational Courses

  • PHIL 103 Introduction to Ethics
  • PHIL 109 Introduction to Logic
  • PHIL 287 Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL 340 Ethics and Law
  • PHR/PS/SOC 336 Playing Politics
  • PHR/PS 333 Mock Trial
  • PS 106 Introduction to U.S. Politics
  • PS 107 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • PS 324 Law, Government, and Politics in America
  • PS 402 American Constitutional Law
  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

Specialized Courses

  • AIP 318 Foundations of Anglo-American Law
  • AIP 336 The Politics of Abortion
  • ACCT 332 Forensic Accounting
  • AIP 312 Great Trials of the Century
  • AIP 314 The Criminal Mind: Psychological and Political Perspectives
  • BUS 277 Legal Environment of Business
  • BUS 3032 Business Law II
  • COMM 236 Public Speaking in a Digital Age
  • COMM 314 Persuasion
  • COMM 395 Media, Law, and Ethics
  • EWL 322 Literature and Human Rights
  • EWL 331 Literature and Revolution
  • IS/PS 315 International Law
  • IS/PS 357 Human Rights in Comparative Perspective
  • PHR 310 Theories of Human Rights
  • PHR/PS/SOC 371 Research Methods in Social Sciences
  • PS 264 Public Policy Analysis
  • PS 317 Money, Sex and Power
  • PSYCH 250 Introduction to Forensic Psychology

It is also strongly recommended that students interested in law school gain experience through internships at law firms, non-profit organizations, companies, or in government that are related to their interests. For further information, visit the Office of Career and Professional Development

Pre-Law Advisors: