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Coursepack is a printed or digital collection of readings assembled by faculty to either supplement other materials or to serve as the primary course text.

Akademos works closely with CoursePacks, Etc. to provide high-quality coursepacks at great savings for students.

Benefits of creating a Coursepack:

  • Coursepacks serve as a low-cost alternative to traditional textbooks, especially when faculty original or Open Educational Resources are used
  • Faculty are able to fully customize materials to their course curriculum
  • No availability issues! Approved Coursepacks are always available for students. Depending on copyright clearance, they can be available as eBooks as well allowing students instant access

How to use the Coursepack Creator Tool:

  • Enter your course information
  • Enter publication details from the source(s) you want to use
  • Attach PDFs of material, if available
  • CoursePacks, Etc. will do all copyright permissions clearance as applicable
  • A proof of the coursepack along with final pricing will be provided for faculty approval
  • Once approved, students can order the coursepack like any other item through the bookstore

Please note that copyrighted material may take 4-6 weeks for clearance, depending on the publisher.
We recommend submitting coursepack orders at least 8 weeks prior to the start of the semester.