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Textbook Adoption Policy

The textbook adoption policy was created to provide a college-wide framework for ensuring a timely, cost-effective and high-quality textbook and course materials adoption process to both students and faculty. This policy ensures that Marymount Manhattan College (MMC) will remain in compliance with the Higher Education Opportunities Act of 2008 (HEOA Act of 2008).

The Higher Education Opportunities Act of 2008 requires colleges receiving federal financial assistance to “disclose on the institution’s Internet course schedule and in a manner of the institution’s choosing, the International Standard Book Number [ISBN] and retail price information of required and recommended college textbooks and supplemental materials for each course listed in the institution’s course schedule used for preregistration and registration purposes…”  Exceptions are made:

  • if the material has no ISBN number, in which case we are required to list the author, title, publisher, and copyright date, and
  • if presentation of this information is not practicable, in which case we are to indicate “To Be Determined

Link to the HEOA of 2008:

To ensure compliance with the HEOA Act of 2008 and to provide students with access to affordable and high-quality textbooks and course materials, MMC partners with Akademos, Inc. to be the exclusive online bookstore for the College.

The Akademos web portal provides a virtual bookstore, powered by TextbookX, that allows students to quickly and easily purchase textbooks. When they visit the school-branded site, students will log in using their MMC username and password to see a personalized course page with all their registered courses and assigned course materials. Students will be able to select from new, used, eBook, and rental options, in addition to having the option to buy their books from third-party marketplace merchants and students around the country. Faculty can access the Akademos web portal site directly from the MMC Textbook page at

Faculty are required to adopt (post) their textbook and course materials on the Akademos web portal for each academic semester or term in which they are assigned to teach. If the faculty will not be using textbooks or course materials in an assigned course, they must indicate this on the AKADEMOS web portal by choosing the “Adoptions Not Required” option for that course. The dates when textbook materials must be posted will be sent to faculty assigned to a course prior to the start of the registration process for those semesters or terms