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    Why Study the Music Industry?

    If you’re a dedicated music fan, play in a band, write songs or music videos, play an instrument or sing, the Music Industry minor can help you translate your love of music into career opportunities. This minor provides students with the preparation to enter careers in the contemporary music industry including music supervision and the use of music in entertainment and media. The minor’s core courses ensure that students are knowledgeable about the practices and procedures of the industry, while elective courses invite students to follow aspects of the field in more depth.

    Why Study the Music Industry?

    The Music Industry minor directly complements majors in business, the arts, and media, and welcomes students from all majors. MMC stands out with our interdisciplinary curriculum that provides a broad knowledge of the business of music. At MMC, you’re given the academic flexibility to choose electives that align with your individual passions through discipline-specific courses such as Songwriting in the Studio, The Business of Broadway, or Film and Media Scoring. Our faculty features accomplished professionals in the field, and the program draws on the vast cultural resources of New York City for projects, guest speakers, and field trips. At MMC, you will gain practical experience and build your resume through internships at a wide array of sites including record labels, artist management agencies, music venues, production companies, and media outlets.

    What You Will Learn

    As a Music Industry minor, you will acquire an understanding of the interrelationship of music creation and business practices, and learn about:

    • Music production, distribution, marketing and promotion; copyright and legal issues; the recording industry, use of music and radio, film, TV, online, and live performance.
    • How technology is constantly changing the ways we create, distribute, and consume music.
    • The process by which music is combined with visual media including TV, films, advertising, music videos, movie trailers, and video games.
    • The artistic, technological, economic, and social developments that shape the music industry.
    • Career opportunities and pathways within the music industry.
    • How to strategize your music career and market your own work.



    • I’ve always wanted to combine my love of music with my interest in business and my studies at MMC support that. As an aspiring jazz singer, musicianship classes are important to help hone-in on my craft, and business classes make me a well-rounded artist because they provide me with tools to be more independent and make informed decisions behind the scenes of making music. 

      Paloma Brooks ’22

      Class of 2022, Major in Business with a concentration in Media and Arts Management, Minors in Music and Music Industry

      Meet Paloma
    • Not only did I start to find myself and carve my path, but MMC and my professors were extremely supportive of me and my career. Being a singer/songwriter and performer my whole life, I was able to go on nationwide tours during the semester as my professors thought it would help me develop my professional skills. 

      Taylor Tote’ 21

      Class of 2021, B.A. in Business with a double concentration in Media and Arts Management and Social Entrepreneurship
      Double Minor in Music and Music Industry

      Meet Taylor
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    Careers and Outcomes


    • Artist or Business Manager
    • Concert Promoter or Venue Manager
    • Consumer Researcher
    • Digital Content Producer
    • Licensing Representative
    • Music Agent, Curator, or Journalist
    • Music Marketing Representative
    • Music Merchandizer, Publisher, or Supervisor
    • Music Video Director
    • Publicist

    Jonathan Finegold

    Adjunct Instructor

    Department: Business, Theatre Arts

    Music Industry

    Neil Levine

    Adjunct Instructor

    Department: Business, Theatre Arts

    Music Industry

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