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Jump Start 2023 from August 4 to August 24!


Join Jump Start this summer and be MMC ready!

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College Coursework Earn degree credits early
Readiness Workshops Learn executive function management
Citywide Excursions Adapt to living in New York City

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Parents and Students Say…

“One of the best things about Jump Start for me was that it made the transition into my first semester of college much smoother than I thought it would be. I had a few weeks to learn how to get around the campus and find useful resources before I actually needed to use them, and by the time I needed to use them for classes, I was good to go. Besides making my first semester easy, I had a head start on Recent Jump Start Participants college credits, which allowed me to take one less class during the fall semester while still being on track. Overall, I enjoyed my experience because of the new friends I made and the crazy stories I will have to tell for the rest of my life.” —Olga K.

“Jumpstart helped me build confidence for entering my college career as well as showed me the type of effort necessary for success.” —Brooke J.

“For someone who is a transplant to New York City, the Jump Start program was a complete success for our daughter. She learned about the City, the public transportation system, and the history of the City. It also made her feel more comfortable in getting to know some of her classmates prior to the fall semester. It was helpful to be set up in the dorms early as she had to settle into her routine before the semester started. I would highly recommend the Jump Start program to any parent as it was a worthwhile experience for our daughter.” —Clifton G.

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