Guaranteed Admission Agreements

Guaranteed Admission Agreements between Marymount Manhattan College and specific community colleges, provide students completing an A.A. and/or A.S. degree the satisfaction of knowing that all work completed at the two-year level, will transfer to MMC!  

At Marymount Manhattan College, each Guaranteed Admission Agreement is unique.  It is important for students to review the eligibility guidelines for the community college that they will be transferring from.

For students that take advantage of the guaranteed admission agreement, Marymount Manhattan College will waive our lower-level course requirements of the general education curriculum (24 out of 42 credits will be waived.) This would include courses in Math and Writing (English.) All students will also transfer into Marymount Manhattan College with junior class standing. However, all incoming students using this agreement will be required (in their first semester) to take a six-week Transfer Community Workshop course which is meant to assist them in acclimating to college life at Marymount Manhattan College. It should also be noted that for certain majors, this agreement does not automatically guarantee degree conferral within two years. 

If you do not see your community college listed, we may not have established an agreement yet, or we may be in the process of finalizing one now.  Feel free to contact your transfer admission counselor to find out if an agreement will be completed soon.

Participating Colleges

Marymount Manhattan College currently has active agreements with the following schools: