Admissions FAQs


List of FAQs related to Admission to Marymount Manhattan College


What are the minimum requirements to be admitted?

MMC does not have a stated minimum as we have a holistic review process. This means that we will look at many factors for admission, such as GPA and level of courses you have taken, SAT/ACT, recommendation letters, how well you write based on the writing section on the SAT/ACT test scores and/or your essay, and overall interest in MMC. You can refer to our incoming class statistics on our first-year or transfer college profile to compare your academic record to last year’s class.


What are the application deadlines and how long does it take to get a decision?

There are three different ways to apply for admission to MMC. We offer Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Admission plans. Please see our Admission Requirements for specific dates and deadlines.

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What do I do if I am denied to MMC, but want to be considered again?

The College renders admission decisions based on all information submitted and decisions are most always final. We do allow students the opportunity to appeal the decision by writing a letter to the Dean of Admission explaining why they should be reconsidered. This letter must be accompanied with additional documentation that was not available at the time of our initial evaluation. This could include additional grades or SAT/ACT scores, a recommendation or letter from an academic officer or teacher explain your circumstances in greater detail, or something that you have accomplished since the decision that could support your success at MMC. Keep in mind that the majority of appeals are not approved, but we offer this option in case we missed something very compelling. Another path is to enroll in classes in a local community college or other college in which you have been accepted and transfer to MMC in the spring or following fall semester. We accept many transfer students each term and primarily look at your college work at that point. If your test scores were low or your high school GPA was not all that it could have been, this is a great option to show you can be successful at the college level. If you are already in college, we recommend that you continue your coursework at your current college and transfer when your GPA is a bit higher.

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If I am admitted to the College academically, but not admitted to my preferred program in Theatre or Dance based on my audition, can I still attend MMC?

Yes, these admission decisions are completely independent of each other. Students are evaluated based on their academic record for admission to the College in general and then evaluated for their entrance into certain performing arts programs. If you are admitted academically, we welcome students who declare a major other than Theatre or Dance and pursue that program. Many use the advantage of studying in New York City to participate in the arts in the community or minor in Dance. 

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How can I afford to go to a private school in Manhattan?

MMC offers many ways to finance your education by offering merit and talent scholarships. U.S. citizens and permanent residents may also qualify for institutional, state, or federal need-based grants, loans, and work study. 90% of our student body receives some form of financial assistance. You can begin to explore your options by completing the Net Price Calculator for First Year Students or for Transfer Students to get an estimate of what you might receive if accepted to MMC or visit Financial Aid.

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When can I do an internship at MMC?

Internships may be obtained through the Office of Career Services, a faculty advisor, or by word of mouth through students. Many students take internships for academic credit; in order to be eligible to intern for academic credit, students are required to have completed thirty credits (transfer students may apply after one semester of full-time study at MMC) and have a minimum GPA of 2.8. 

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Do you offer Study Abroad options?

Students may spend a semester, a full academic year, a summer sessions, or January session studying abroad. The College offers a number of opportunities and formats to earn academic credits in programs throughout the world. MMC is a member of two consortia, the Academic Consortium of the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) and the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS), through which students may participate in study abroad programs in 50 countries. Another way to go abroad is through travel/study courses. During January, summer terms, and spring break, there often are shorter term opportunities for groups of students to study in foreign countries under the guidance of a faculty member. Recent offerings have included travel/study in England, Greece, and Italy. Another is independent study abroad where MMC students participate in study abroad programs offered by other institutions. MMC students have studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, South Bank University London, University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, Semester-at-Sea, and many other places. Lastly, we offer bilateral exchange with de Theaterschool in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a premier dance academy, where dance majors may take advantage of the option to study abroad without interrupting progress toward the completion of their degrees. For more information, visit Study Abroad.

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How big are classes?

Our classes average about 18, with the largest class being only about 30. Some programs cap classes at 10 or 12. MMC professors teach all classes rather than teaching or graduate assistants as in many large universities. The student to faculty ratio is 11:1.

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Will I fit in?

MMC is a very diverse student body with students from many different ethnic backgrounds, parts of the country and world, religions, lifestyles, and interests. The College is a microcosm of New York City itself as we embrace diversity in every way. In addition, our students tend to be very independent, driven, curious, civically and socially concerned, and especially creative. We do not have a traditional campus as we are located on the bustling island of Manhattan, so we are not for everyone. But, for a small group of students, we are a perfect fit. For more information about our students and atmosphere, learn about our Campus Community & Organizations, Religious & Spiritual Support, and Campus Climate Index.

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Do most of your students major in Theatre and Dance?

While we have a very robust and international reputation for outstanding programs in the performing arts, the majority of our students are not in these disciplines. And, all students pursue the Liberal Arts curriculum regardless of major. About 45% of our students are pursuing Theatre and Dance majors, while 55% are in all other programs from Business to Social Science, Humanities to Natural Science, and Fine Arts. In fact, Communication Arts is the largest single major at MMC. 

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How do I get from campus to the residence hall?

The 55th Street Residence Hall is located 16 blocks south and on the same block of the College. Most students walk as it takes only 15 minutes down 2nd or 3rd Avenues. It is similar to a large college campus where you might walk the same distance across campus. But remember, NYC is our campus so the walk is a bit more exciting. When the weather is bad or if it is late in the evening, students have the option to take the bus which picks up half a block from campus and drops off half a block from the residence hall. While it takes a bit longer, the subway is also an option as it is 4 blocks from campus and 2 blocks from the residence hall. We also have the Cooper Square Residence Hall located in the exciting downtown East Village. Most transfer students reside here with our continuing students and all will hop on the 6 train for the quick 20 minute commute. To take advantage of either transit option, students will need to purchase a MTA Metro Card.

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Will my Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or other college credits transfer to MMC?

Students that have taken Advanced Placement examinations administered by the College Board will be awarded credit in accordance with College policy. Six elective credits are granted for the English Language and Composition exam (score 4 or 5). Three credits of electives and three credits of ENG 180 - Narrative Fiction - are granted for the English Literature & Composition exam. The student must have the official score sheet sent to MMC. Additional credits in other academic areas are accepted in a similar way. Eligibility will be determined and credit awarded to the student upon enrollment in the College. Such credit will not exceed a maximum of 30 credits and will not count toward the thirty-credit residency requirement.

Transfer credit is granted for IB examination scores of 4 or higher on the Higher Level Examinations. No credit is granted for the Standard Level Examinations.

Students who are fluent in a foreign language whose instruction in that language did not take place in a formal classroom setting, may have their skills and fluency in the language evaluated for possible transfer credit by taking either the CLEP exam or the NYU Language Proficiency exam. Official scores earned must be sent to MMC. Students may earn up to 12 credits for language proficiency, but these credits may not be applied at the 300 Level or above.

Any course taken at a regionally accredited college or university while in or out of high school will be considered for MMC credit. We simply require an official college transcript to be submitted to the Office of Admission.

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Is the campus safe?

The College is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan which is very safe and residential area. At Marymount Manhattan College, the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff and guests are of primary importance. We employ a substantial, well-equipped, full-time staff of security officers, all licensed by the State of New York. Our security staff is on-duty 24 hours each day, seven days per week. Visitors to the College and its residence facilities will notice security personnel stationed at all main entrances. Our security administrators have developed a close working relationship with the 17th and 19th Precincts of the New York City Police Department. With that said, we realize that this is a major metropolitan area and take time to orient our students with ways to be street smart and always be prepared in any situation. Our safety record is very good and we invite you to review our Campus Security Report and our Crime Statistics.

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How many months are we in school and when do we break for holidays?

The College operates on a semester basis with fall semester running from September to mid-December and the spring semester running from late-January to mid-May. There is a January intersession and two summer sessions offered. To see the academic calendar for holidays and other important dates, visit our Academic Calendar.

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At MMC, we have multiple honors programs and organizations to suit the many ways our students achieve. From honor societies to Honors Day, we offer several ways to challenge and recognize our most exceptional students.

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