Your participation matters! Learn more about MMC’s Alumni Committees and how you can stay involved:

Class Secretaries

Class Secretaries help the College maintain its relationship with alumni, parents, and other members of the community. Volunteers are important in keeping the MMC community up-to-date with our many accomplishments, maintaining our alumni contact information, and raising money for the Annual Fund. The Fund for MMC is pivotal to the operations of the College and it provides vital support for student scholarships, academic programming, faculty developments, and campus improvements.

GOLD Committee

The GOLD Committee consists of a dedicated group of young (GOLD – or – Graduates Of the Last Decade) alumni who are especially prideful and passionate about Marymount Manhattan College. GOLD Committee members are enthusiastic about the College and have a desire to work toward seeing the College fulfill its mission and continue to prosper and grow into the future. Through event attendance, volunteerism, financial support, and email, mail, telephone, and social media outreach communications, GOLD Committee members serve as leaders and ambassadors for the College and as role models for fellow young alumni.