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Alumni Accomplishments

Art and Art History alumni have gone on to succeed in graduate school and a wide array of careers in the art world and in art-related fields. Meet some of our outstanding alumni below, or check out a list of recent graduate school and career placements.

Our Alumni

  • Brooke Bell ’20

    Class of 2020,  Art Major, Photography Concentration

    “My internship at Benrubi Gallery in the gallery district in Chelsea placed me in a real work environment where I earned credit toward my photography degree and prepared me for a career after graduation.”

  • Ariella Bellingham ’21

    “I feel like the Art History curriculum prepared me for my current job at Bonhams,” says Ariella. “I have the confidence to progress in my role because of all the exercises Professor Bell had us do, observing and writing about art.”

  • Jamie Allen ’14

    Class of 2014, Art Major, Studio Art concentration

    After her internship with multi-media artist Jo Wood-Brown, Class of 2014’s Jamie Allen not only gained a mentor-student relationship but also a “special and important friendship” she’ll cherish for the rest of her life. “Without Marymount Manhattan, I would never have had such a life-changing experience.”

  • Kate Cheney ’20

    “I found that the most important skill that I was able to hone through the liberal arts and art history curriculum is critical thinking. The auction world is a fast paced and ever-evolving environment which requires quick thinking and problem solving.”

  • Janine Florio ’12

    Class of 2012, Art Major,  Graphic Design concentration

    “I still cannot believe that I have had this amazing experience. I remember the first day like it was yesterday. Walking into the Conde Nast building on August 22nd was the beginning of a brilliant experience that I will never forget. Successful people surrounded me as I stood on the elevator waiting to reach my destination. I read all of the businesses on each floor as the numbers reached higher to Teen Vogue. Finally the elevator stopped ant the 10th floor. The doors opened and I nervously but excitingly entered….On my right side were the doors to Allure Magazine, to my left the beautiful glass doors of TEEN VOGUE. This began my journey of the most nerve wracking, but brilliant internship yet.”

  • Vanessa Gonzalez-Bunster ’13

    Class of 2013, Major in Art, Photography concentration

    “Working at Pier 59 Studios has given me valuable technical knowledge of digital equipment as well as business knowledge. My understanding of the commercial photography business has broadened from working with clients and my co-workers to help projects flow smoothly. Above all I value the relationships and connections I have created that will continue to help me after my internship is complete.”

  • Amy Pekal ’15

    Class of 2015, Art History and Business Management double-major, Studio Art minor

    “On the first day of economics class, we were taught that time is limited and resources are scarce. My solution: make art, a lot of it, in whatever form. Marymount Manhattan makes it easy for students to curate their own paths.”

  • Jordan Anderson Smith ’12

    Class of 2012, Major in Art History

    “During my time at MMC, I was able to complete four internships. The first was at Free Arts NYC, followed by the Antiquities Department at Christie’s, then the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and finally, The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum. The hands-on experiences and the combined support from my Art History professors at Marymount and my internship supervisors gave me a strong base on which to begin my career.”