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Each year Art History students intern all over New York. A few examples of recent internships include:

312100100Aileen Marcantonio ’09 — Jo Wood-Brown, of Artists Exchange International
“Interning with Jo Wood-Brown—an internship I got through Professor Bell—was an experience that I will always cherish.  I learned so much and made great contacts while working with Jo.  During my semester, I assisted Jo in preparing and executing her lecture circuits.  I helped to prepare for a group exhibit at the Painting Center and a panel discussion at the Metropolitan Museum and Art.  Jo was such a joy to work for; she was warm, generous, and provided great insight into the art world.  I have used the skills that I developed while working for Jo in my current career.  As an Assistant Director at a Contemporary Art gallery in Manhattan, I work a lot with artists. I was so fortunate to have developed an understanding of the artist’s perspective from my internship experience.”


313100100Elizabeth Goodridge ’11American Paintings Department at Christie’s
“When I started my work in the American Paintings Department at Christie’s, I was overcome by the scene that had played out in front of me as I sat in my first sale. My immediate reaction was quickly emailed over to Professor Bell, who gleefully replied and shared the same excitement. When I graduated, I was offered a paid internship at another prestigious American Art gallery in New York…. I chose Marymount Manhattan College because they understood the value of a small community that fostered intimate relationships between students and educators. I would have never had this kind of success had it not been for the environment that was provided by the College and the prestigious educators they employ.”


4843102156Jordan Anderson ’11 — Free Arts NYC, Antiquities Department at Christie’s, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum
“During my time at Marymount Manhattan, I was able to complete four internships. The first was at Free Arts NYC, followed by the Antiquities Department at Christie’s, then the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and finally, The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum. The hands-on experiences and the combined support from my Art History professors at Marymount and my internship supervisors gave me a strong base on which to begin my career. I was offered a paid position in the Education Department at the Guggenheim after my internship and am now considering graduate school to further my education in the field. 

14703100132Michael Quituisaca, ’17 - The Museum of the City of New York

“By the time I graduated, I wanted to have a good amount of work experience on my résumé, so that I could jump right into the work force. The amazing professors in the Art History Department helped to give me these experiences. Professor Bell noticed my love for American Art and introduced me to her colleague Bruce Weber, the Curator of Paintings and Sculptures at the Museum of the City of New York. After telling him that I wanted to be a curator myself, he offered me an internship. As the Curatorial Intern, I work directly with Dr. Weber to assess the artwork in the collection, develop exhibitions, and network with other museum professionals. Through my time at the Museum, I have gained actual work experience in a museum environment that augments the knowledge I have gained in school. I feel confident with my résumé and look forward to whatever path I take after graduation! Thank you MMC!”

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