Art History Major

Develop essential skills for an exciting, productive career in the arts.

Art History students

Students of Art History at MMC build the foundation for future study in two Surveys of Western Art (Prehistoric through Late Gothic; Early Renaissance to Modernism). Then, they take courses in Ancient and Classical Art, Medieval Art, Renaissance and Baroque Art, Eighteenth-Century to Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Non-Western and Indigenous Art, and the Theory and Practice of Art. They refine their writing, public speaking, and analytic skills in the Sophomore Seminar and the Senior Art History Seminar. Three studio art courses provide insight into artistic materials and techniques. Advanced Art History majors pursue Honors in Art History during their Senior year, which ideally prepares them for graduate school. In all, students develop a broad and deep understanding of art history, and the vital skills necessary for their careers.

Students are encouraged to study a foreign language for at least two years and to minor or double-major in a field of their interest, such as Studio Art, Business, or the Sciences.

Art History Curriculum

Why Art History at MMC?

Learn about art in the greatest museums in the world

In their courses, all Art History professors at MMC take advantage of their ideal location—the Upper East Side of New York City. Nowhere else in the world can students gain such extensive first-hand exposure in museums and galleries to the greatest works of art ever made—for example, to an Egyptian temple, ancient Greek and Roman statues, Medieval tapestries, Renaissance portraits, American and Impressionist landscape paintings, and modern art. MMC Art History students treat these spaces as extended classrooms, often giving presentations in front of the art. Students also attend public lectures and symposia offered daily throughout the city; they keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the contemporary art world by visiting Chelsea and Brooklyn art galleries. Ultimately, they develop confidence in researching, writing, and speaking about art.

Secure World-Class Internships; Prepare for a Career

Many MMC Art History students hold internships that provide them with first-hand exposure to the work of curators, museum educators and publicists, auction gallery specialists, artists, and many other positions in the arts.  They develop invaluable experience that helps them to secure full-time employment after graduation.

Gain a Global, Interdisciplinary Perspective

MMC Art History students often study abroad for the summer, semester, or year at such institutions as Reid Hall, Columbia University’s campus in Paris, and the Scuola Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence. They may also enroll in ART 288: Visual Arts Abroad, an experiential Art History course held every January in such cities as Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, and Athens.  Often taught with faculty in other disciplines, this course gives students an unforgettable interdisciplinary perspective on world art history.