Art History Major

Art History students develop a strong, fundamental understanding of the history of art.

They take classes in a wide range of fields, including Ancient and Classical to Medieval Art, Renaissance and Baroque Art, Eighteenth-Century to Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Non-Western and Indigenous Art, and the Theory and Practice of Art.

Three studio art classes help to train students’ interpretive skills and offer insight into the technical methods of the artist.

Internships provide students with firsthand experiences as museum educators, art dealers, auction gallery specialists, curators, museum publicists, and many other positions within the field.Faculty members in the Art History department view New York as an extended classroom and, therefore, regularly teach in and through local museums and galleries. 

Art History students are also encouraged to take at least two years of a foreign language and to study abroad, for example, at Reid Hall, Columbia University’s campus in Paris, and at Scuola Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence. They may enroll in Art 288: Visual Arts Abroad, an experiential Art History course held every January in such cities as Paris, Florence, Rome, Athens, and Venice.

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