Prospective Students


  1. Submit their application through the Common Application or the Marymount Manhattan College Website to begin the Art & Art History review process. 
  2. Once an application has been submitted students will be given access to their Admissions Portalwhere they will be prompted to upload their Art Portofolio or Art History Paper.
  3. Note: Your transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation can be submitted at a later date, and do not need to be marked as complete in order to submit your portfolio.

Art MAjor

Admission to the Art program in Studio Art, Photography, Illustration & Animation, or Graphic Design requires an art portfolio review in order to be considered for the program and any Art Awards. The deadline to submit a portfolio for scholarship/award consideration is February 15 (fall entry)/November 15 (spring entry), but we will still accept portfolios after that date.

Students who do not have a portfolio at the time of application will be considered conditional Art majors and their work will be evaluated after the first semester by their faculty advisor.

Art Portfolio Requirements:
  • An Artist Statement (inclusive of your artistic aspirations, goals, style, and the way you approach your artistic work).
  • 12-15 Images (this should consist of your best work and demonstrate a variety of media skills, or if you prefer a cohesive body of work).
  •  1 Image in your portfolio must be a self-portrait, in any medium.

Applicants must submit their portfolios digitally through their Admissions Portal, which they will have access to once they have applied to the college. 

Art History Major

Admission into the Art History major does not require a portfolio review, however, if an applicant would like to be considered for an Art History Award as part of their financial aid package, applicants may submit a 5-7 page research paper on either a specific artist or artistic movement for consideration of an Art Award. This may be submitted via their Admissions Portal. The deadline to submit an essay for scholarship consideration is February 15 (summer or fall entry)/November 15 (spring entry). 

Pre-College Workshop PROGRAMs

Join the Art and Art History Department every Fall as we work to provide all interested high school students with engaging college-preparatory workshops, free of charge! 

Art Portfolio Prep Workshop - Saturday, November 16, 2019 - The Portfolio Prep Workshop explores methods of developing and organizing an excellent portfolio for college admission.  A great portfolio is the first step toward building a career in visual art. It serves as a key to gain admission into college art programs and highlights your creative ideas and technical skills. Participants learn how to select, document and organize their work and gain insight into the criteria that experts use to evaluate the quality of your portfolio submission. There is no fee, but registration is required. Sign up Now!


(All applicants who complete their application and submit their Art Portfolio/Art History Paper to the Department of Art and Art History are automatically considered for a Fine and Performing Arts Merit Scholarship. Applicants may also receive an Academic Merit Scholarship which can be stacked with the Fine and Performing Arts Merit Scholarship.)

Fine and Performing Arts Merit Scholarships may be awarded to applicants based on their Portfolio/Art History Paper submission. Your Admissions file to the College must be completed in the Admissions Office by March 6, 2020 to be considered for a Fine and Performing Arts Merit Scholarship. Any Admissions file completed after this date will be considered for a Fine and Performing Arts Merit Scholarship based on remaining funds available. No additional written application is required for Fine and Performing Arts Merit Scholarships.


Prospective Art & Art History students who are HEOP applicants are encouraged to apply to the HEOP program by December 15th and submit their Art portfolio as early as possible.  For more information on the HEOP program, please refer to the HEOP page.

Want to know more or schedule a class visit? Contact The Office of Admissions at or call 212-517-0430.  

If you have specific questions about the Department of Art and Art History or the application process, please contact Kevin Kemler, Assistant Director of Fine & Performing Arts Admission, at 212-517-0514  or email him at .  

We look forward to speaking with you!