Graphic Design
Design students hone their essential skills in the principles and techniques of the discipline. Students can major in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. A minor in Graphic Design is also offered. Internships in venues around the city are encouraged.

The faculty in the concentration believe that becoming a designer is not only a matter of mastering technology, but also requires the kind of personal artistry and intellectual development that a liberal arts education provides.

The goal of the program is to educate students in three areas of design: theoretical, technical, and creative. Students will receive instruction via demonstrations, lectures, one-on one consultations with professors, and presentations by leading professionals in New York.

Majors take courses in Graphic Design and Illustration. Digital and traditional approaches address design principles and techniques. Elective courses are offered in 3-D Animation, Motion Graphics, Web Design, Video, and Multimedia.

On completion of the program, students graduate with a professional portfolio as part of their capstone requirement.

Professor Jim Holl's Professional Portfolio class 2014Professor Jim Holl's Professional Portfolio class 2014



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