Art Therapy

The Art Therapy minor introduces students to the basic principles and practices in the field of art therapy.

By linking the disciplines of art and psychology, it will offer new opportunities for personal growth in both clinical and educational settings, through theoretical and applied course work as well as internships. This minor helps prepare students for admission into art graduate programs.

Requirements for a Minor in Art Therapy

IDS/ART/PSYCH 370 Art Therapy: Principles and Practices       3
ART/PSYCH 499 Internship 3
Two of the Following (6)
ART 111 Drawing I or ART 125 Introduction to Drawing
Art Majors substitute: ART 339 Drawing II
ART 114 Painting I
Art Majors substitute: ART 315 Painting II
ART 115 Ceramics or ART 121 Photography 3
Two of the Following (6)
PSYCH 201: Developmental Psychology I 3
PSYCH 231 Personality Psychology 3
PSYCH 285 Introduction to Counseling 3
PSYCH 363 Abnormal Psychology 3
Total Credits 18

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