Sister Judith Savard Study Abroad Scholarship

In honor and recognition of Judith Savard, RSHM, Marymount Manhattan awards the Sr. Judith Savard Fellowship to an Art or Art History major to study art abroad.  Sr. Judith led classes in art history, studio art, and graphic design, in addition to serving as chair of the Art Department for many years.  The fellowship provides financial assistance for a qualified Art or Art History major to study abroad for the purpose of enriching his or her academic experience.

The eligibility requirements for the Sr. Judith Savard Fellowship are:  Art or Art History major and completion of a minimum of two semesters of full-time study (at least 24 credits) at MMC with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.  If a transfer student, completion of at least one full-time semester at MMC (24 total credits, 12 of which must be from MMC) with a minimum cumulative GPA at MMC of 3.0 is required.  The student must demonstrate financial need according to criteria established by the Financial Aid Office.

The application for the fellowship consists of the first page of the MMC study abroad application, a statement of purpose, an official MMC transcript, and two recommendations from MMC faculty, one of whom must be a member of either the art or art history department.  A hard copy of the application should be hand delivered to Cynthia Sittler, Study Abroad Coordinator in Carson Hall 106. Phone:  (212) 774-0791.

Sr. Judith SavardSr. Judith Savard“It’s funny how certain people never leave your life, especially people you encounter when you are very young and help you on the way to being the person you want to be or are trying to be…that the small achievements you make are, in part, a testament to that legacy of being impressed by someone.” Ellie Ga, artist, class of 2000, writing about Sister Judith.


“I will always remember Sister Judith as a tough cookie with a warm heart…she taught me that there need not be any pretensions in learning and appreciating art.  She taught me that art can be embraced by all, regardless of socio-economic standing or any categories created to perpetuate a system of exclusivity.” Dianne Morales,’04