Studio Practices

Studio Art students engage in an integrated study that combines a strong technical foundation, critical inquiry, and specialization in a chosen medium.

First, students establish their facility with a wide range of artists’ materials and tools—from charcoal, paint, and clay to the most current digital technologies. Then, as they construct their artistic vision, they hone their skills in a specific medium—be that painting, drawing, ceramics, mixed media, or printmaking—and produce a portfolio of independent works.

Studio Art Curriculum

Meet Our Studio Art Students

Our students enthusiastically embrace the diversity and cultural vitality of New York City. They are community activists and intrepid cultural explorers. They visit galleries, museums and public art spaces, attend lectures and openings, and engage in the discourse of contemporary art. From this rich, multi-dimensional experience, they learn to challenge the world and make art that matters.

By their senior year, Studio Art students are able to articulate their ideas both visually and verbally. They conclude their academic career at Marymount Manhattan in the capstone Senior Art Seminar with a Senior Thesis Exhibition in the Hewitt Gallery of Art.  At each stage of the exhibition process - from initial proposal, production, critique, installation, and the written statement - students gain experience in professional practices.